10 Ideas for Ministry Appreciation Month

Did you know that October is Ministry Appreciation Month?

I’ll admit, it’s not one I have marked on my calendar, but I should.

Thank goodness it’s not too late to show some appreciation!

Who is God asking you to encourage this month?

  1. Pastor
  2. Associate Pastor
  3. Music Director
  4. Children’s Minister
  5. Student/Youth Pastor
  6. Church Secretary
  7. Church Treasurer
  8. Deacon/Deaconess or Elder
  9. Women’s Ministry Team
  10. Publications Coordinator
  11. MOPS Leader
  12. Behind the scenes servant no one remembers

While we may not be able to easily or practically encourage all of those on the  list, we can ask God to show us who He wants us to bless and encourage.

Once you’ve got the “who” you’ll need to figure out the “how”.

Some of these ideas you may wish to implement on your own or as a family.

Others you may want to tackle with your women’s ministry team.

10 Ideas for Ministry Appreciation Month

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1. Breakfast
Provide breakfast or lunch for your church staff’s next meeting.

2. Cards
Write a heartfelt thank you card and send one to every church staff member. DaySpring offers some fantastic ministry appreciation cards.

3. Gift Cards
Purchase a $5 or $10 gift card (restaurant, Redbox, coffee shop) for a staff member(s).

4. Words
Speak words of appreciation – “I appreciate your faithfulness to our Youth program.” Words are powerful. You may think people know they are appreciated, but they usually don’t.

5. Sweet Treat
Bless your staff with a special treat. Last year our women’s ministry team brought Bundlets in for each staff member. Just be sure to take into consideration any special dietary needs if you are aware of them.

6. Trip
Bless your Pastors and their spouse with a small trip. Give them a coupon for two nights at a nearby bed and breakfast. Let them choose the dates.

7. Coffee
Bring each staff member’s favorite coffee to them early on Sunday morning before the crowds arrive.

8. Dinner
Take them a meal or gift them the gift cards to have a date night or dinner out as a family.

9. Gift Card Baskets
Collect gift cards from your entire congregation for a gift card basket for one or more of your staff members.

10. Personal Gift
Pick out a personal gift for a staff member that could use some extra encouragement. DaySpring has some fabulous plaques, jewelry, and other items. Here’s a link to all of their Ministry Appreciation items.

In case you need a few ideas, I’m sharing some in the box below.

Disclosure:  I am grateful to DaySpring for providing me with a card and gift for me to gift to a ministry leader in our church allowing me to return the blessing and encourage another ministry leader. I have not received any monetary compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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