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Agendas, Leadership, Teams October 18, 2016

My Top Ten Team Meeting Pet Peeves

My Top Ten Team Meeting Pet Peeves

I need to apologize, the list that follows is probably going to come across a bit critical. You may view it as a list of complaints.

I’ve thought about trying to re-write the whole piece from a positive angle. “10 Things I Love about Well-Run Team Meetings” or something like that.

Leadership, Teams, Volunteers July 26, 2016

The Biggest Mistake Women’s Ministry Teams Make

How to Avoid the biggest mistake women's ministry teams make!

Over the last 15+ years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve in five women’s ministries in five different churches.

Everywhere I’ve served and even in the places where I haven’t, I’ve seen this women’s ministry mistake committed over and over again. And I’m not just throwing stones, I’m 100% guilty of committing it myself.