As your team enters into a new calendar year, I want to encourage you to do a little housekeeping.

Clean out that women’s ministry closet or cabinet.

Do a little organizing.

Review your ministry plans for this next year.

Here are five tools that your women’s ministry team will want to use as you strive to organize your ministry this year:

1. Year-At-A-Glance Form – It’s not pretty or fancy, but it does a great job of allowing you and your team to see where you have holes and where you may be overscheduled. It’s also a huge help when scheduling publicity.

2. Post Event Evaluation Form – I use this for every single event. Really. It provides an opportunity for our team to examine every detail of our event – the budget, cost, volunteers, best parts, and those that need tweaking. And if it’s an annual event, you’ll have a document to refer to when planning the next year.

3. Simple Sign-Up Form – This also falls under the “keep it simple sister” rule. Use it to collect names for a Bible study, fellowship, mission project, etc. Keep blank copies in your Women’s Ministry Binder.

4. How to Select Your Verse and Theme for the Year – God has specific plan for your specific women’s ministry. Don’t miss it! This post walks you through figuring out what that is.

5. How to Build a Women’s Ministry Binder – Help yourself and help your women get (and hopefully stay) organized. I even tell you what your binder needs to include!

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