Women's Ministry Tip 21: Year-at-a-Glance - A free printable form to help your team plan your ministry year.

What does your women’s ministry calendar look like?

Do you have too many events planned for the fall?

When is the next newsletter due to go out?

Should your team add another mission project?

Which Bible studies did you offer last fall?

There are so many different events and activities going on within your Women’s Ministry that it can be hard to keep up!

I created this Women’s Ministry Year-at-a-Glance for our team to give us a clear visual of our year.

We could easily see where there were holes we might want to prayerfully fill. We could also plan ahead for busier months.

We chose to record:

  1. Fellowships & Special Events
  2. Bible studies
  3. Mission Events
  4. Publicity (deadlines, noting newsletter months)
  5. Prayer (National Day of Prayer, special prayer events, prayer needs for our ministry)
  6. Ongoing (Sister Six, Circles, Book Club, etc.)
  7. Other

I also kept the calendars from years past as a reference.

Free Printable Year-at-a-Glance from Women's Ministry Toolbox

All four pages – January through December – are available for you to download for free. Just click the link below and a PDF file will open. If you are having problems accessing the file, try switching browsers.

Women’s Ministry Year at a Glance

May God bless the plans of your ministry!

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