Tip 26 - Women's Ministry Information Form (Free Printable)

This Women’s Ministry Information Card is a form you can use to collect information on your women as well as recruit volunteers.

Collecting names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses can help you build a database.

Use those addresses for sending:

Some of your women may be reluctant to share that much information with you. Reassure them that you will not be distributing their information without their permission.

Use their service interests to build teams for future events. If you have an abundance of women volunteer for a particular category, make sure you call on different women to help, rather than the same ones for every event.

We built a database and then gave the appropriate lists to each Women’s Ministry Team Member.

Free Printable Women's Ministry Information Form

The backside, where you give women the chance to share other information, is my favorite part!
  • We have gotten prayer requests.
  • Women have shared event ideas.
  • A few have offered to speak at future events.
  • Door prizes have been offered up.

There is no end to what gems of information may be shared!

If you use these forms to pull your door prize winners everyone will be eager to complete them and turn them back in.

To download your copy of the form click the link below. You have permission to make copies as needed for your church. You are also welcome to alter the design to better meet your team’s needs.

WM information Form

If the PDF file does not open, try using a different browser.

Please note: These are designed to be printed two per page – double-sided.

May God grow your volunteer base and may you stay connected with your women!

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