No More Notecard Stress

Does writing notecards stress you out?

Do you struggle with what to say?

Wish God could send you the perfect verse for their circumstance?

Seven years ago my mentor gave me a birthday gift that would become an invaluable tool in my Women’s Ministry Toolbox.

It was this: The Bible Promise Book.

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While I have been unable to find this exact version, these are all similar:

 Bible Promises for You 
The Bible Promise Book: New Life Version
God’s Promises for Your Every Need, NKJV
The Bible Promise Book for Women – Prayer & Praise Edition: King James Version (Bible Promise Books)

I must have looked a little puzzled as I looked at this thin little book with the plain cover… she went on to explain that it was filled with Bible verses on all kinds of topics.

She knew this little book would provide much-needed verses of comfort and encouragement for the cards I had yet to write.

I use this little book all. the. time.

I pray and ask God to highlight the verse He wants me to use. I keep searching until I find “the one” for that person.

I would buy you each a copy if I could.

I love it so much I gave one to each of the women on my team one year. It’s so affordable that you could do the same for your team too!

This sweet little book includes verses on anger, death, forgiveness, fear, gossip, hope, joy, marriage, mercy, prayer, pride, trust, and wisdom. Just to name a few. There are 68 categories in all.

This little gem will make writing notecards, especially the difficult ones, much easier.

When we can’t find the words to say, God’s Word offers the comfort that no man can.

This is one tool every Women’s Ministry leader needs in her toolbox.

Your turn to share: Do you include scripture in the notecards you write?

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