10 Tips for Thank You Notes

Nothing replaces a handwritten thank you note!

Recipients not only feel appreciated, but they will remember they were not forgotten and are more likely to volunteer again in the future.

These 10 tips will help ensure you’re ready to write and send your next thank you note.

10 Tips for Thank You Notes

1. Stock up on inexpensive cards

2. Enlist your team to help write and send them out

3. Include postage in your budget

4. Send them promptly

5. Include a scripture verse or reference (Phil. 1:3)

6. Mail actual cards – no email/texts

7. Be specific (ie. Thank you for serving as a Prayer Counselor at our conference.)

8. Make a list so no one is forgotten

9. Small gift cards ($5 gift card for coffee/doughnuts/lunch) are always appreciated

10. Thank everyone (hostesses, clean-up crew, tech team, speakers, etc.)

Appreciation builds a sense of community.

Make the time and take the effort to appreciate those who help make ministry happen. It will absolutely be worth it!

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