Why you should consider setting up a Facebook page for your women's ministry for publicity purposes?

Setting up a Facebook Page for your Women’s Ministry adds another layer to your publicity efforts.

Before setting up a Facebook page for your women’s ministry consider:
  1. What is the purpose of your page? Will you use it to set up event invitations? Will you link to newsletters and/or registration pages? Will you create photo albums for events? Are you going to post inspiration photos/Bible verses?
  2. How often will you post? Relevance is more important than frequency. Post too often and folks will start to ignore you and/or hide you on their feed.
  3. Who is going to post? With the option of having multiple administrators you’ll need to be clear about who will post what when.
Keep in mind:
  1. Younger women are shying away from Facebook and consider it “uncool” now that so many “older” women are using it.
  2. Not everyone has internet access or a Facebook account. All publicity has to occur in multiple formats.
  3. Once you have over 30 “likes” you’ll be able to view some helpful analytical information.
  4. Get staff approval before setting up your page.
  5. Give it an easy to remember page name.  You can change it after you set it up if needed. Don’t publicize your page until you’ve settled on a name.
  6. Public pages can be viewed by anyone. Visitors are likely to check out your FB page to see what you’ve been up to.
  7. Closed pages should be used for team communications, prayer requests, etc. Keep private things private and protected.
  8. If you’re also utilizing Twitter (survey your women to see if that is really a need) you can use HootSuite (and other apps/programs) to publish on both sites at the same time saving precious time and energy.
  9. It takes time to build a following, even among your faithful few. Encourage everyone to “share” the page with other women in your church and community.
  10. Keep posts positive, supportive of the staff, and helpful. Be prepared to delete inappropriate posts by spammers, etc.

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