31 Days of Retreat Planning

Are you planning a Women’s Ministry Retreat?

Need some help?

I’ve pulled together tips, tools, and experiences from years of leading, planning, and attending women’s ministry retreats.

God has blessed me with a wide variety of retreat experiences to share with you!

I’ve traveled to the beach with over 100 women and to the mountains with just over 30. We’ve prepared some of our own meals and enjoyed prepared dinners in hotels. We’ve brought in speakers, used a retreat-in-a-box, and led sessions and workshops ourselves.

There’s something here no matter your church size.

You’ll find help and ideas whether it’s a 1 day retreat, 2 day retreat, or a conference that you’re planning.

And if it’s not covered here, comment or send me a note and I’ll be happy to try to help!

May God bless your planning and your time of retreat!

Day 1 – Is God calling your women to retreat?
Day 2 – 15 Benefits of a Women’s Ministry Retreat
Day 3 – Where should you go for your women’s ministry retreat?
Day 4 – When should you have your women’s ministry retreat?
Day 5 – How to Pick a Retreat Theme
Day 6 – Different Types of Retreats
Day 7 – How to Find a Speaker
Day 8 – 5 Ways to Pray for Your Retreat (Free Printable)
Day 9 – Your Retreat Planning Team
Day 10 – Decorating for Your Women’s Ministry Retreat
Day 11 – What will you eat on your retreat?
Day 12 – Ideas for Your Retreat Schedule
Day 13 – Worship Ideas for Your Retreat
Day 14 – What should you charge for your retreat?
Day 15 – Retreat Registration Tips
Day 16 – Creating an Awesome Retreat Program
Day 17 – Free Time Ideas for Your Retreat
Day 18 – Your Letter to Retreat Participants
Day 19 – Using Icebreakers at Your Retreat
Day 20 – Setting Up a Prayer Room for Your Retreat
Day 21 – Prayer Station Ideas for Your Retreat
Day 22 – How to End Your Retreat
Day 23 – Retreat Surveys
Day 24 – Evaluating Your Retreat
Day 25 – Name Tag Tips for Your Retreat
Day 26 – Retreat Discussion Groups
Day 27 -Discussion Group Leaders for Your Retreat
Day 28 – Retreat Goodie Bags and Gifts
Day 29 – Photo Booth Ideas for Your Retreat
Day 30 – How to Keep the Momentum Going After Your Retreat
Day 31 – Retreat Planning Timeline


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