What positions do you need to fill on your team

Our mini-series on How to Build Your Women’s Ministry Team continues today as we take a look at the positions on your Women’s Ministry Leadership Team.

I don’t know your situation. You may be a new church plant just trying to get a women’s ministry team together. You may be in a large church with a well-established team. You may have a group of women on your team, but none with specific roles or responsibilities. You may be praying God will allow you to revive the women’s ministry that is no more in your church.

No matter what your situation, I’m going to share a variety of ideas you may want to commit to prayer.

You know your situation and you know the guidelines your church has placed on your ministry. (Not that God can’t change your situation. Let’s work with what you have now, trusting God with the rest.)

All that being said, you need a clear leader or co-leaders with duties clearly divided. I’ve done both – each has pros and cons. Ideally this is the woman God has called and given a vision for the Women’s Ministry in your church. And we all know someone needs to set the agenda for each meeting and keep the group on task!

To determine what positions you may want or need filled on your women’s ministry team, let’s take a look at the 4 Pillars of Women’s Ministry. (You may want to read the entire post and the hop back here.)

1. Study –This is crucial. If you do nothing else, give your women regular opportunities to study God’s Word. In both churches I served, the Education Pastor oversaw the Women’s Bible study offerings. And in both cases they encouraged our input and transitioned over most of the responsibilities after a period of time and training.

2. Service – God calls us to serve others. In doing so we are given opportunities to grow and share His love for others. We sometimes forget that fellowship happens automatically when we are serving. Your church may have a separate mission’s ministry or WMU. Talk to your pastor to make sure you are not stepping on anyone’s toes. Service groups might include knitting prayer shawls, food pantry, clothes closet, meals, visiting the homebound, etc. Things can get gray really quickly – keep your eyes on what is specifically women’s ministry and support them by having a team member responsible for offering support and prayer.

Talk to your Pastor to make sure you aren't stepping on anyone's toes.

3. Support – Women need safe places where they can find Biblically-sound support. You may feel this is best offered through small group Bible studies and/or small groups in your church (that already exist). It could also encompass MOPS, Griefshare, Divorce Care, single moms groups, or a mentoring program. You may want a representative from each group to serve on your Women’s Ministry Team or you may want one woman to be the point person for your support groups and then they would report to the team.

4. Social – Socializing with other women in our church and community gives us an opportunity to develop relationships and encourage one another. You might have several groups that fall under this umbrella – book club, fitness group, outdoor ministry, Bunko, scrapbooking, etc. Because the focus is fellowship and building relationships and the sheer number of these groups you may have, I don’t think you need a representative from each group serving on your team. One point person can touch base with each group leader on regular basis and can share updates and prayer requests.

Depending on how duties are divided in your church you may not need all four pillars covered.

In addition to the Bible Study, Missions, Support Groups, and Social Groups, you may want to consider adding these additional positions:

If you’re feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, I want you to know my first team had just 3 of us for quite a while – in a church with about 900 members.

You don’t have to have a big team for God to use you to encourage, love, and reach the women in your church and community.

God can use a small team to reach women in your church and community

Ask God to show you any holes in your team.

Ask Him to prioritize the positions on your wish list.

Ask Him to help you see activities or groups that are lacking support and/or direction.

Whether or not they actually fill a position on your leadership team, I feel strongly that every part of your women’s ministry should have representation on your board. Each group needs prayer support and most will need a small amount of budget support. Practically speaking, calendar planning is much easier when you know what everyone else is doing.

You know best what your women’s ministry team’s needs are.

This is not about control. It’s about encouraging an atmosphere of working together, not working in isolation. It’s about supporting one another. If everyone on the team knows your MOPS program is in dire need of extra childcare helpers then together you can work to spread the word. Maybe the women in your daytime Bible study would be able to help?

Please, please talk with your Pastor before you add or expand any roles on your team. We are all part of the body, but sometimes aren’t aware of what other body parts are already doing!

We’ll talk soon about how to fill these positions, but next up I’m going to share sample job descriptions with you and give you a peak at what I wanted our Women’s Ministry Team/Board to look like.

Your turn to share: What positions do you have or wish you had on your Women’s Ministry Leadership Team?

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