Questions to ask as your team tries to decide whether you should postpone your women's ministry event.

Social-distancing, coronavirus concerns, and local government recommendations could force your team to consider postponing an upcoming women’s ministry events if you haven’t already.

You may feel the pressure from some of your women to meet no matter what. Other women may be encouraging you to wait until restrictions have been completely lifted.

While I do not suggest you press pause on all women’s ministry events and activities in this season, the format or details of some of your events may necessitate either a postponement or a cancellation.

How do you decide whether or not to move forward with some adjustments, postpone, or cancel altogether?

Today I want to offer a list of questions that will help your team discern what’s best for your women in your church.

Questions are listed in the recommended order of consideration.

Should your team postpone your women’s ministry event?

1. What does your pastor or church staff liaison recommend?

If they are recommending that your team postpone your event, God is clear that we are to submit to authority in our church. (See Hebrews 13:17.)

Kindly remind your team members that even if they disagree, for the sake of unity in the church body, they need to refrain from speaking negatively about the decision to postpone.

2. How does your team sense the Lord is leading?

You may want to suggest your team fast and pray before coming together to discuss how you should move forward.

Even if the team is united about how to move forward, I would still suggest working through the remaining questions below. There may be financial responsibilities that cannot be avoided. You may discover that moving forward if the Lord leads, also means making some significant changes to the format.

3. What does your speaker want to do?

If you have booked a speaker for your event, you shouldn’t move forward without discussing the situation with her. Is she comfortable coming to an event with strict social-distancing measures in place? If she has to fly, is she willing to do so? When would she be available if the event were to be rescheduled? If she feels she must cancel, does she have another speaker she can recommend to take her place?

Be sure to look over your speaker’s contract, so you know what your financial obligations are if you postpone or cancel.

4. What do the women in your church want you to do?

Send out a survey to find out whether or not they would be comfortable attending. Some will be an easy “yes,” while others will need to know what steps you’ll be taking to ensure their safety. Give them enough information that they can make an informed decision. Listen to their concerns and address those you are able.

5. Have you signed a contract?

Your team may have signed a contract for venue space, hotel rooms, or food. Make a phone call and find out if it’s possible to reschedule or if you’ll owe money for breaking the contract.

6. Is your event team willing to move forward, or do they feel it’s best to postpone?

You may find you need to replace a few volunteers if you move forward as planned. It may be best to make a personal phone call to each team member to get their input if you are concerned about peer pressure or bullying swaying the vote.

7. Can you find a creative way to offer an in-person and online option for your event?

Now that most churches have the equipment to live stream Sunday morning services, the tech team may be able to help you live stream your event for those who prefer to participate online.

As you work through the questions above, I pray God will make it clear whether you are to move forward, postpone, or cancel.

Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to please everyone, no matter what decision you make.

When we take the time to blanket the decision with prayer and seek to move forward with wisdom in the direction we feel the Lord is leading, we can trust God will work it all together for good.

Praying God will give your team unity and wisdom and bless the events that you do hold in the months to come!

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