These Isolation Icebreaker Questions are great for sharing on social media and kick-starting video conference calls. They encourage your group to share, connect, and support one another.

During this time of isolation, it’s essential we stay connected.

Thankfully, social media, Facebook groups, and video conferencing offer options for us to gather together online.

As you meet and connect online, consider including some of these isolation icebreaker questions.

These isolation icebreakers can:

  • Help fill the time as you wait for everyone to arrive in your online meeting room.
  • Give you a sense of how your people are doing.
  • Prompt your group to share experiences and resources that encourage connection, reflection, and support.

I suggest posting one a day on your women’s ministry social media account if you have one.

Some are light, and some are serious. Some are spiritual, but most are not.

You may find the responses you receive point people to Christ even if the question didn’t!

You’ll note I avoided certain words in these questions – that’s because social media is decreasing the reach when certain words related to the current situation are used.

If you’d like to print out a list of these questions, click the link below.

Printable Isolation Icebreaker Questions

You can also scroll to the bottom for graphics you can download and share on social media.

70 Isolation Icebreaker Questions

  1. What are you reading?
  2. Share a link to a podcast episode you recommend.
  3. What will you be fixing for supper tonight?
  4. What’s one item you wish you had stocked up on at the store?
  5. Share a stuck-at-home survival tip.
  6. What verse or scripture passage is God using to give you comfort right now?
  7. How have you seen God at work this week?
  8. What’s one thing you’re doing to combat cabin fever?
  9. What’s the status of your fridge and pantry?
  10. What TV shows have you been binge-watching?
  11. What’s your best work-at-home tip?
  12. What’s your best newbie home-schooling tip?
  13. Share a creative pantry meal or snack idea.
  14. What’s your go-to survival snack?
  15. What has surprised you most about your quarantine experience?
  16. What’s one thing you can’t wait to experience once the exposure risk has passed?
  17. What will you not take for granted when we get back to regular life?
  18. What is something you were able to enjoy that you didn’t think you would?
  19. What are some creative ways you’re passing the time?
  20. What’s one meal you look forward to sending into official retirement?
  21. What new hobbies are you exploring?
  22. What’s something new you’ve discovered about a family member or friend?
  23. What’s been one of the hardest things about forced isolation?
  24. What’s something you appreciate now that you didn’t before?
  25. I’m thankful I’ve spent more time _________.
  26. I hope I never forget ___________.
  27. I look forward to _____________.
  28. I’m really tired of ____________.
  29. How has this experience strengthened your faith?
  30. How are you serving others from a distance?
  31. How are you encouraging others from a distance?
  32. What’s something new you’ve experienced?
  33. What’s your favorite board game?
  34. How have you been sleeping?
  35. What’s keeping you up at night?
  36. What’s something new you’ve tried recently?
  37. What home projects are you tackling?
  38. How are you documenting your experience?
  39. How has your prayer life changed?
  40. What do you miss most about attending church?
  41. Which church activity or event do you miss the most?
  42. How are you staying connected to friends and family?
  43. Share a tip for overcoming anxious thoughts.
  44. Share a tip for dealing with depression.
  45. Share a tip for encouraging family harmony.
  46. Share your best distance learning (online school) tip.
  47. Share a tip for exercising at home.
  48. What’s something you’ve learned to DIY during the quarantine?
  49. How has your faith grown during the quarantine?
  50. Describe your day using emojis.
  51. Share a free online resource you love right now.
  52. What worship song gives you comfort right now?
  53. My day is better when _______________.
  54. Share an idea for blessing or connection with your neighbors.
  55. Share a scripture verse that gives you peace.
  56. What are you thankful for?
  57. What’s one of your favorite family-friendly movies?
  58. Share a link to an easy craft idea.
  59. Share a link to a helpful stuck-at-home resource you’ve found.
  60. Share a link to a podcast episode or blog post that has been an encouragement to you recently.
  61. What creative solutions or substitutions have you discovered?
  62. What did you learn from the online sermon today?
  63. What do you find challenging about watching church services online?
  64. What home projects are you tackling right now?
  65. What projects are you tackling around your home?
  66. Share a photo of your home office.
  67. What have you found to be the hardest time of day while you’re stuck at home?
  68. Give us a reason to laugh today. Share a funny link or meme.
  69. What is something new you’ve tried this week?
  70. What’s something fun you’re doing to keep everyone’s spirits up?

There’s no need to create fancy icebreaker graphics; just ask the question.

However, if you’ve got the time or a willing volunteer, go for it!

You can also find graphics for several of these questions on the Women’s Ministry Toolbox Facebook page. You’re always welcome to share anything you see on the page with others.

Download the images below

Click on the graphic and then right-click to save to your device.

Please use these images for social sharing only. Please do not alter the image in any way. If you want to share these graphics with others, please send them the link to this page. Thanks!

For tips on creating your social media graphics, check out this post.

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