Challenge your Bible study, small group, friends, and family to spread kindness from a distant. This Social Distancing Random Acts of Kindness bingo-style board includes a list of 24 random acts of kindness.

Despite social distancing requirements, we are still called to let our light shine before others. (See Matthew 5:16)

There are many ways we can be a blessing and an encouragement to our family, friends, neighbors, and fellow church members.

Sometimes a list of ideas is all that’s needed to prompt people into action.

This Social Distancing Random Acts of Kindness bingo-style board includes a list of 24 random acts of kindness activities.

Social distancing random acts of kindness tasks include:

  • Waving to your neighbor
  • Wiping down a grocery cart
  • Donating food to a local food pantry
  • Picking up groceries for a friend
  • Generously tipping your delivery person

An invitation to do something for others may be just what you, your family, or the people in your church need while being stuck at home.

To download the Social Distancing Random Acts of Kindness, click the link below.

Social Distancing Random Acts of Kindness Worksheet

Ideas for Using the Social Distancing RAOK Bingo:

  1. Send the link to the bingo board (above) to each member of your small group or Bible study and challenge them to complete at least two tasks before your next virtual meeting.
  2. Distribute boards to your Youth members and offer to mail those who complete one row in a week a $5 gift card.
  3. Print off copies for your family members. Work together to complete the entire card or make it a competition to see who can score a “bingo” first.
  4. Challenge church members to complete as many tasks as possible before the end of the month.
  5. Divide your family, small group, or Bible study into two or more teams and see which team can fill their card first.

Consider sharing the Social Distancing RAOK Bingo with others to spur acts of kindness throughout your community.

May our compassionate hearts and kindness point others to Christ.

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