Forgo the flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and give a gift you know they’ll use and love – the Gift of No Dishes.

When I posted the Christmas Version of the Gift of No Dishes, many of you let me know that you’ve used this project to bless the women in your church on Mother’s Day. What a great idea!

Today I’m sharing tags for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day for you all to use.

The Gift of No Dishes:

1. Provides an opportunity to reach out to your neighbors and build relationships.

2. Is a great alternative to chocolate and flowers! So many people, myself included, have dietary restrictions and can’t or shouldn’t eat the Valentine candy. Flowers fade quickly and can make those with allergies miserable!

3. Is a practical and useful gift. Who wouldn’t love to redeem the time it takes to clear the table and wash the dishes?!

4. Provides the perfect place for an invitation to upcoming church and women’s ministry events and activities. Do your ladies and favor and create some Save-the-Date cards for them to use.

5. Is budget-friendly. You can find cute pink, red, and floral paper products at the dollar store, Wal-Mart, and big packs at Sam’s Club. You don’t have to include the whole package – just enough for the number of family members if you wish.

A quick stop at our local Mighty Dollar store last weekend yielded this beautiful bag, plastic silverware, and cute pink polka dotted plates and napkins – perfect for either Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

There are two versions of these free printable tags:

For Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you,
Happy Valentine’s Day to you,
Sit down put your feet up,
There are no dishes to do!

For Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to you,
Happy Mother’s Day to you,
Sit down put your feet up,
There are no dishes to do!

Give them anonymously if you wish or sign your name somewhere on the card.

Click the link below to open the free PDFs:

Mothers Day No Dishes Tags

Valentines Day No Dishes Tags

The Gift of No Dishes is perfect for:

  1. Your child’s teacher
  2. Small group leaders
  3. Bible study leader
  4. Members of your women’s ministry team
  5. Co-workers
  6. Neighbors
  7. Church staff members
  8. Mailman
  9. Members of your small group or Bible study
  10. Homebound members of your church
  11. Food pantry (to bless those who will visit during each holiday)
  12. Your hairdresser, dentist, doctor, or anyone you’ll visit this Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day

Embrace the opportunity to be a blessing and provide a night off from the dishes for the people God places on your heart.

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