Discover the benefit of women's ministry binders!

This episode of Gather and Glean is all about women’s ministry binders!

From day one of leading my very first women’s ministry team, I began setting up binders for our team.

I knew I needed a way to keep myself organized. I also didn’t want to lose anything important. I was new to this role and was doing everything I could to ensure I didn’t fail.

I have always handed each new team member a pre-filled binder and asked that they pass the binder and its contents off to the next woman to serve in that role.

I’m sure some binders were more helpful than others, but at least it gave us a starting point.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! You’ll have to watch the video for my other binder tips.

In this episode:

  1. We’ll take a close look at an easy icebreaker game that requires zero prep – it’s one I suggest you keep handy in your binder for impromptu use!
  2. I’ve got 5 great binder tips you need to hear and implement immediately.
  3. I’ve compiled all of my binder resources (some NOT on the website) and put them into one 50-page booklet for you!
  4. I was recently asked: “Do you have a copy of a team covenant to share?” Actually, I’ve got two!
  5. Today I’m showing off an exclusive, free online community for women’s ministry leaders that you’ll want to be a part of!

Don’t miss the exclusive coupon code offered ONLY in this video! 

Links featured in the video:

Who here? Icebreaker Game
Women’s Ministry Binder Essentials (covenants can be found in the free sample copy)
Women’s Ministry Toolbox Facebook Group

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