Procedures, Forms, and Documents Your Women's Ministry Team Needs

Last summer I joined the women’s ministry team at our (new to us) church. I asked a lot of questions at that first meeting.

How do I submit a receipt?

When do I need to get my publicity submitted for the next church newsletter?

Are we responsible for purchasing coffee for our Bible studies?

Most of my questions were related to procedures.

Having served on three different women’s ministry teams in three different churches, I’ve learned that each team and each church has their own set of procedures and forms.

Help your team, especially the new members, by documenting common processes.

10 Documents Your Women's Ministry Team Needs

10 Documents Your Women’s Ministry Team Needs:

  1. Reimbursement of Budget Monies
  2. Room Reservations
  3. Event Scheduling
  4. Childcare Procedures (ratios, paying workers, snacks)
  5. Publicity Procedures (break down info for each type – Sunday bulletin announcements, newsletter, Sunday school folders, Power Point slides, church website, Facebook page, etc.)
  6. Kitchen Use (what’s off limits, how to properly sanitize dishes, etc.)
  7. Supply Closets (where are things stored)
  8. Money Collection (receipts, cash vs check)
  9. Keys/Building Access
  10. Clean-up Procedures (trash, furniture arrangement, bathrooms)

For each item consider including:

  1. Appropriate Forms
  2. Contact Person (title, email, phone number)
  3. Step-by-Step Procedures
  4. List of what is required (I.E. original paper receipt)
  5. Timelines and deadlines –How far in advance? Expected turn-around time.
  6. Location of necessary items (forms, treasure’s box in the office, paper goods)

Be especially clear about what information must be approved and/or shared with the Women’s Ministry Director, Pastor, or other staff members.

  • If you (or your Pastor) want to see every piece of publicity before it’s sent off, then make sure to specify that. And it’s okay to do so! You are ultimately responsible. Better to catch a mistake now and correct it than after.
  • If all purchases must be pre-approved (even if that means a quick text), then let your team members know.
  • Some church staff members prefer to minimize the number of point people. It can get confusing if every team member is sending in their own publicity blurbs.

What's the process for cleaning the kitchen

Even if someone else completes the process, it helps your team to know who is doing what. They know who to follow up with if their reimbursement check hasn’t arrived. They can pitch in to help with clean-up.

If only one person on your team knows how to do something you could find yourself in trouble! What if they are unable to attend the event? Have a family emergency? Or worse?

Don’t assume your team members understand the procedures at your church. Approach your procedure and form trainings as a refresher or review.

Practical ideas for sharing those procedures, forms, and documents:

  1. Train your team on each item. Take one meeting and go on a “field trip” to the kitchen. Show everyone how to use the dishwasher, access the pantry, make coffee, etc. Spend another meeting practicing filling out expense forms.
  2. If you’re team is large and you have several seasoned and several new members, divide up your group and let your seasoned members train the new members. Not only will they get the information they need to serve to the best of their ability, but they’ll have the opportunity to get to know one another.
  3. Create Women’s Ministry Binders for every team member and include detailed procedures and necessary forms.

A well-trained, well-informed team is a confident team!

And when your women know how to complete their task, you won’t have to help or do it for them.

What other forms, documents, or procedures have you made certain your team understands?

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