Last week I made my bi-annual trek to the Horticulture Class Plant Sale at our local high school. I purchased two beautiful hanging baskets, flowers for the pots on our front and back porch, and several vegetable plants and herbs for our square foot garden.

And so begins the daily task of assessing and tending to the needs of my plants – watering them, pulling out the weeds, and applying fertilizer. Each plant requires consistent attention and care to thrive. Just like the members of your team.

Sometimes after all the work of securing a new team member we sit back and rest – letting nature take its course. Because praying for and seeking out new team members can be exhausting. Yet we’re called to nurture each team member so they will thrive while serving on our team and so they can continue to grow in their relationship with Christ…

Click here to  read the rest of 5 Keys to Nurturing Your Team over at Women Leading Women where I am guesting posting this week.

I pray it will be a blessing and encouragement to you!

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