Mission Project: Bless them with Band-Aids

Two weeks ago a friend of mine posted a request on Facebook for character Band-Aids.

She was making this request on behalf of a young boy named Eli who is receiving chemo treatments.

She went on to explain that nurses, and not the hospital, supply those colorful and fun cartoon Band-Aids that bring a smile to every child’s face.

Sadly, hospitals supply just plain, ugly brown Band-Aids.

Y’all it just melted my heart that in the midst of all that he was going through, Eli was thinking of others…

He wanted to lift the spirits of the other children in the hospital with fun Band-aids. 

If you’ve ever witnessed a child showing off their superhero or Barbie Band-Aid, you know what a big impact a few Band-Aids can make.

Here’s my challenge for you and the women at your church:

Collect cartoon Band-Aids at one of your next Women’s Ministry events and donate them to your local children’s hospital.

Most of your women can easily add a box or two of fun Band-aids to their grocery list, Wal-Mart cart, or Amazon order.

Please do me a favor – don’t pass a basket for money. It can create embarrassment for those who truly cannot give.

Just collect the Band-Aids.

Invite your women to be part of the blessing.

It could be tempting to run the Band-Aids over to the hospital yourself or with another member of your women’s ministry team, but don’t miss this opportunity to involve women outside of your team. 

Put out at sign-up sheet at your women’s ministry event or meeting for women to be a part of delivering the Band-aids

Though you may not see the faces of the children that will be blessed, that additional action step will make a big impact on your women and may encourage them to complete other service projects. 

Would you do this for Eli and all those other children that need a reason to smile?

I would love to hear if your team decides to take on the Band-Aid Mission Project.

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