The Beauty of Events at Other Churches

Last week we invited the women of our church to attend an event off-campus at another church.

Why you might ask?

Here’s the back story…When we made our calendar of events last summer, we had tentatively planned to find a local location to view the Priscilla Shirer simulcast in April.

Two things happened since we penciled in that event on our women’s ministry calendar.

  1. We completed the The Armor of God  (affiliate link) by Priscilla Shirer. Having just spent several weeks with Priscilla we didn’t feel the simulcast was the right fit any more.
  2. The opportunity to see Shari Braendel (who I’ve personally seen twice before) at a nearby church came up unexpectedly.

Our church is a smaller church (averaging 175-225 for Sunday services). Our budget and our volunteer base at times limits what our ministry can tackle. Not that God isn’t a big God and can’t do big things – He totally does – but we also have to be good stewards of our resources.

Sometimes being a good steward means saying no.

It can also mean saying yes to something another church is hosting.

5 Reasons Attending Events at Other Churches is a Win-Win

Attending events that other churches host is a win-win for us.

1. We are able to attend events with big name speakers that it would be difficult for us to afford.

2. We can attend the event without having to staff or plan the event. Our sometimes weary team of volunteers can enjoy and event rather than serving/working during the event.

3. Our team is exposed to fresh ideas and ways of hosting events. Gather and glean I say! Love those centerpieces spray-painted with gold? Replicate them at a future event.

4. Our women are exposed to other styles and ways of doing things. This can lead to a greater appreciation for what your team does. It can also lead to a few requests… They might miss the emphasis on responding to the message or request your team add baskets with lotion to your bathrooms. Either way, it’s good to experience the body of Christ outside the comfort of our own church.

5. We have the opportunity to worship and connect with other believers in our community.

It is good to experience the body of Christ outside the comfort of our own church

When we lived in Bowling Green, KY, a larger local church held a big conference every other year. They actively invited other churches not just in our small town, but also those nearby, to attend. God had blessed them with a large building and space for many women to attend. With other churches attending they were also able to minimize their costs.

Some of the churches in attendance treated that Friday/Saturday night as a mini-retreat. They booked hotel rooms and made a weekend out of it.

If God has blessed your church with ample space, consider blessing other churches in your area by inviting them to attend your next conference or event.

Sometimes I think we forget that we are not in competition with each other.

We are all the body of Christ. All seeking to share the gospel with the hurting and the lost. Seeking to encourage women in their walk.

What blessings have you received by attending events at other churches?

And if you’re curious what that event was like, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I shared a pic collage of the Fashion Meets Faith event. 😉

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