How would you describe your women’s ministry team?

Grab a pen and make a quick list. Be as honest as you can.

What words did you use?

Did the word “strong” make it onto your list?

Unfortunately I’ve rarely heard anyone use the word strong to describe their women’s ministry team…

I want to challenge all of us to develop strong women’s ministry teams and here’s why:

8 Reasons to Develop a Strong Women’s Ministry Team

1.It will decrease your stress levels.

When you can delegate tasks to women you trust to do the job well you won’t worry.

2. You won’t be juggling so many balls in the air at the same time.

When you trust the rest of the team to complete their tasks, those tasks are balls you no longer have to juggle. Then you can focus on the things YOU do need to do.

3. You will sleep better.

Ever lie awake at night worried about whether x, y, and z were going to be done for your next event? I have! A strong team is dependable and let’s you know things are going well so you can sleep.

4. You’ll have a replacement ready to step up when God calls you to another ministry or moves you to another state.

While we love that feeling of being irreplaceable, the truth is your team should be able to function without you at the helm. When you’ve trained a team member to take over in your absence you’ve ensured the success of your ministry.

5. You won’t feel like the lone ranger.

When leaders make all the decisions and don’t allow input from their team, there’s no buy-in and little dedication or commitment.

6. You’ll feel supported.

No longer will you feel like success of an event rests on your shoulders alone. The team will have your back if you have to go to bat over an issue or an event.

7. You’ll model Christ-like leadership to the women in your church.

While Jesus certainly spent time teaching his disciples, He also gave them work to do!

8. By default, you’ll become a better leader.

As you train alongside your team. you’ll grow and gain skills.

Getting back to that list you made describing your team, if it’s filled with words your team would find encouraging consider sharing it with them. Chances are your team needs to hear you think so highly of them!

If your list has left you feeling discouraged, consider having your whole team anonymously write individual lists describing your team at your next meeting. Place them in a manila envelope and read them aloud to the group.

One of two things will likely happen:

  1. You’ll gain a much need perspective that things are not as bad as you think they are.
  2. Your team will acknowledge and bring to light problems that need to be addressed.

It is possible for God to take a team lacking in strength, harmony, trust, or unity and transform it into a team that is strong, trustworthy, or unified.

Bringing about change will take intention and time.

If your team is lacking roles and responsibilities, developing those will help strengthen your team.

Start with prayer and ask God to guide you and your team to make necessary changes.

And if you feel as if you’re at the end of your rope, please drop me an email (CyndeeATwomensministrytoolboxDOTcom). I’d be honored to pray for you and your team and help in any way I can.

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