Running your women's ministry without a team? God's plan is better for you and your ministry!

Today’s post is for the dear sister, who is flying solo and running the women’s ministry team without a helper or team to support her.

Whether you are in this situation by choice or circumstance, I want to encourage you to actively expand your team. (Don’t miss the links at the end of the post for recruiting new team members.)

While there may seem to be benefits of running a women’s ministry without a team:

  • You don’t have to explain or delegate
  • You can do things your way
  • There’s no one to disagree with you

The dangers of running a women’s ministry without a team far outweigh any perceived benefits. 

10 Dangers to Running a Women’s Ministry Without a Team

1. You will burn out.

No doubt about it. You cannot possibly do all and be all by yourself for an extended period. Whether you realize it or not, you will neglect something/someone.

2. You miss out on the input of others.

God tells us (James 1:5) we are to seek Godly wisdom. He can and will speak to other women on the team. Other team members can provide a different perspective which can increase the reach and success of your events.

3. You withhold the blessing of serving from others.

Just because you can do something, does mean God’s called you to do it. Sometimes He calls someone else.  God has given other women in your church a heart and passion for women’s ministry too! 

4. You’re keeping women from using their gifts.

God has given your women an abundance of gifts for hospitality, administration, leadership, decorating, teaching, prayer, counseling, and more! If we want our women to use the gifts God’s given them we need to give them the opportunity and space to do so.

5. You’re failing to live out God’s instructions for the church.

Read through the book of Acts and you’ll see over and over the apostles doing ministry together. They worked together in teams. Paul and Silas. Peter, Paul, Silas, and Mark. Paul and Timothy. Jesus had his team of 12 disciples.

6. You need the support of other sisters in Christ.

Leading and implementing a women’s ministry is hard work. You will face discouragement. You may face resistance. Having a team beside you, backing you up, praying for you, and cheering you on will make it much harder to walk away when ministry is difficult. A cord of three cannot easily be broken (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).

7. You will limit the reach of your ministry.

You can’t possibly run everything – Bible studies, fellowships, outreach, retreats, etc. You will be forced to pick and choose where to focus your efforts and energy. Share the workload. Other women want to help.

8. You risk the future of the women’s ministry.

You could encounter a health crisis, need to take care of a family member, or face an unexpected job transfer. Who will be ready and willing to take over the leadership of the ministry?

9. The ministry becomes about you.

Though it’s never our intention, doing everything ourselves points women to our efforts and not to God. Women need to see a team working together to share the Gospel and encouraging women to live their lives for Christ.

10. You limit the ministry’s reach.

Your activities and events will be more heavily attended by the women in your social circle. Involving women on your team that are of a different age, a different stage, and a different culture will automatically broaden the range of women that will attend. Women are looking to be a part of something that will have women in attendance with which they have something in common.

I know some of you are wringing your hands and crying out that no one wants to help. In many of your churches, it is hard to find women willing to serve on the women’s ministry team.

Prayer will get you there, and God’s timing is best. But we’ve got to make an effort and not just wait for the Lord to present them on a silver platter, so-to-speak.

Helpful information for building a women’s ministry team:

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Yes, it’s a lot of work. But it is worth the work.

God is glorified when His children work together to build the Kingdom.

When God calls other women to serve alongside you, your ministry will flourish!

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