Just a year ago I was getting ready to attend Bible study as the new girl.

It’s easy for us “seasoned” Bible study girls and leaders to forget what that feels like.

I am thankful for the reminder and first-hand experience God granted me.

Would you believe I captured those first-day jitters on video for you all? Well, I did! I’ve finally gotten around to figuring out how to upload it to YouTube.  (Side note: I’d love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel!)

I want to give you a glimpse into how your new Bible study girls might be feeling on the first day of Bible study. I was pretty anxious. Watch the video, you’ll see!

As you prepare for the launch of your Fall Bible Study sessions, consider these questions that your ladies will have:

  1. Will there be coffee? If not, can I bring my own?
  2. Will there be food or do I need to eat before I arrive?
  3. Where will my children be cared for? Do I need a snack/drink for them? What about my homeschoolers?
  4. Is there a cost for the study? If so, how and when do I need to pay you?
  5. Where exactly are we meeting? Even those women that attend church on Sunday mornings may be unfamiliar with other parts of your building.
  6. Will I know someone? Familiar faces bring immediate comfort. Make sure your newbies are greeted and introduced to others in the room. Walking alone into a room filled with women is intimidating.

What can you do to answer those questions in advance and lessen any possible concerns?

Share the answers to those questions in multiple places. Bathroom stall doors, Sunday bulletins, church website, emails to women already registered, and through phone calls from group leaders.

There are women still on the fence about attending.

Even those that show up that first day aren’t completely committed.

Truth is women are more likely to return when we warmly welcome women and communicate the answers to their unasked questions.

Your turn to share: What other questions do you think your new Bible study girls will have?

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