Is your Women's Ministry publicity in need of an update?

We have just passed the half-way point in our series on renovating our women’s ministry.

Has God revealed an area He wants you to renovate yet? Today might be the day!

Let’s take close look at your publicity and examine whether or not it’s in need of an update.

When we first moved back to North Carolina three months ago, I spent hours online researching potential new church homes for our family. In my search I stumbled across a tri-fold pamphlet for one church’s women’s ministry. Kuddos to the team for having a pamphlet featuring their offerings!

Here’s the thing though, it looked almost exactly like a tri-fold I had made about 8 years ago. That’s not good.

Templates from Publisher can be a great starting point, but you’ve got to make an effort to make everything you design look current.

Hints that you might you need a publicity renovation:

  1. You aren’t reaching all of the women in your church on a consistent basis.
  2. You aren’t getting the response you desire.
  3. You’re using the same methods, tools, and designs that you used 3 or more years ago.

Most women intuitively know what’s in style and what is not. Avocado, rust, and gold – hello 70’s.

Sales ads, the internet, and TV reveal what’s trendy 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You can use those same marketing techniques to appeal to your women in a trendy flyer, video, bulletin board, or postcard.

Updated publicity can change the faulty perception that women’s ministry is just for “older” women.

Updated publicity can change the faulty perception that women's ministry is just for "older" women.

Update your publicity by:

  1. Using the latest and greatest technology tools available. (Technology is #5 on our list – tune in next week for detailed info!)
  2. Enlisting the help of someone with a specific skill set (graphics design, website, etc.).
  3. Pulling your color palate from current fashion and home trends.
  4. Updating your logo with a fresh graphic.

See what colors and patterns are big in design and home décor, knowing that when those trends change you will need to update your publicity pieces. A few things that are big right now – chevron, color pairings such as bright pink and turquois.

Spend some time on Pinterest.

Flip through home décor and fashion magazines.

You can do this!

On a side note, to make sure you include all the pertinent details see my previous post, “Publicity Checklist”.

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