When you think about the women in your church, would you describe them as “Great Commission Christian Women?”

Do they actively seek out others to with which to share the gospel?

Do you see them interacting with unbelievers?

Are they living their lives in a way that points others to Christ?

These questions and more came to mind as I recently read through “I Am Going” by Daniel L. Akin and Bruce Riley Ashford.

I Am Going” is a call to today’s church members to live lives of going – both around the world and to people in their neighborhood – out with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In just 134 pages Akin and Ashford discuss:

  • The mission of God
  • The centrality of the church to going on mission with God
  • The challenge to go to all nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • The challenge to go to our neighbors with the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • How to use our jobs as vehicles for the gospel
  • The challenge to commit to go anywhere on mission with God
With each turn of the page I became more and more convinced that we (women’s ministries) must cultivate and challenge our women to become “Great Commission Christian Women.”

I suspect that sadly, most of us cannot truthfully look at our congregation and say with certainty that our women are “Great Commission Christian Women”.

I fear many of our women would struggle to define the “great commission”, much less how they are living out that calling in their lives.

So how do we develop a women’s ministry that develops “Great Commission Christian Women?”
  1. We must make certain our women know what the Great Commission is and understand their role. See Matthew 28: 18-20.
  2. We can provide our women with opportunities to be obedient to Jesus’ directive to go and make disciples. (I’ll share some specific ideas below.)
  3. We must pray for and support our women as they “go” in their workplace, into their neighborhoods, and even into other countries.
  4. We must train our women to share the gospel with others.

I was at a Disciple-Making Conference a few weeks ago and during our breakout session we were challenged to turn to the person next to us at the table and share the gospel in two minute or less. I am embarrassed to say I completely choked! I desperately wanted more info before proceeding forward. Did we have a relationship with this person? Is this a stranger? Can I use a tool or booklet?

I shared part of this experience with our Bible study group the following week and one of the women loudly gasped when I shared what we were asked to do. I suspect most of the women in our group would have struggled just as I did. Many of us know the basics, but sharing those basics – out loud with a stranger – well that doesn’t come to most of us as easily as it could and should.

We can help our women to “GO”:

1. Plan outreach events at a local apartment complex or mobile home neighborhood.

2. Adopt a local school – pray for and love on the teachers and students.

3. Regularly teach your women to share the gospel.

4. Plan a short-term mission trip to an unreached people group.

5. Host an ESL class at your church that uses the Bible to teach English.

6. Take a group to an evangelism training course or conference.

7. Regularly and consistently share opportunities for outreach with your women – IE tutoring at a local school, college campus outreach.






8. Raise funds to support specific mission-minded ministries – just be sure to do your research and get your pastor’s support and approval. Chances are your church is already partnering with a ministry that you can come alongside.

9. Host a prayer event for the nations.

10. Host a missionary – invite them to speak when they are stateside and follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings to support them.

11. Adopt and support a church plant – either in North America or in another country around the world.

12. Intentionally select a Bible study that highlights God sending one of His children on mission – IE Joseph in Egypt, Paul, or Daniel. You could even use “I Am Going” as a Bible study book.

It is not just the job of the Missions Team or our Pastor to equip and encourage our women to fulfill the Great Commission.

We also have a responsibility to prepare and release our women to do Kingdom work!

If you can’t with great confidence claim that your women are “Great Commission Christian Women” what will you and your women’s ministry team do to change that?

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of “I Am Going” from B&H Bloggers to review for this post. No monetary compensation was received.

For more information on unreached people groups, check out The Joshua Project.

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