Christmas Version: What’s on ur phone?

Last week I shared a brand new, created just-for-you, icebreaker called "What's on ur phone?". I thought it would be fun to come up with a Christmas version too! Christmas icebreakers are a must for any Christmas fellowship you may be planning for your women's ministry team, Bible study, small group, or Youth. This game is bound to bring about laughter and fun as women scramble to locate Christmas songs, Christmas-related photos, texts … [Read more...]

Christmas Couples Icebreaker Game

I love taking a “traditional” icebreaker game and putting a holiday-themed spin on it! Participants in this game will have two tasks to accomplish. First they’ll have to figure out what Christmas person, song, or thing has been taped to their back. Then they’ll have to find their other half somewhere else in the room. I’ve included 3 different sets of cards for you to use: Christmas movie couples, Christmas symbols, and Christmas … [Read more...]

Christmas Prize Ideas for Icebreakers & Games

Chances are you’re going to play a few Christmas Icebreaker Games at your Christmas party. It’s nice to have a few inexpensive prizes to give out to the winners. Several years back we held a Sunday school party for the High school Juniors that we were teaching. We played several icebreaker games (including Wrap It Up). Before the party I went to the Dollar Tree and grabbed all sorts of fun things to put in a prize basket for the … [Read more...]

Would You Rather – Christmas Version

Every great Christmas celebration requires 3 things: Great food Fun icebreaker game(s) Christmas music I'm here to help with a brand new Christmas icebreaker game and a brand new Christmas album (don't miss the giveaway below)! First things first, I created a clean, fun Christmas version of “Would You Rather” questions just for you. You could: Place a question at every person’s seat Put all the questions in a Christmas … [Read more...]

Christmas Table Talk Cards (Free Printable)

I've got a brand-new Christmas icebreaker for you to add to your toolbox today! Due to the popularity of my Summer and Fall Table Talk Cards, I've created a set of Christmas Table Talk Cards. These Christmas Table Talk Cards are perfect for you to use at your: Women's Ministry Christmas Fellowship Event Women's Ministry Team Christmas Party Sunday School Christmas Party Bible Study Christmas Brunch Christmas Coffee … [Read more...]

My Favorite Christmas Icebreaker Games

  Hosting or attending a Christmas party or fellowship? Want to guarantee the guests interact and have fun? A great Christmas icebreaker is the perfect way to get your guests to mix and mingle! Here's a quick round-up of my favorite Christmas icebreaker games. Almost every game includes a free printable PDF and very few supplies.   All of the games include detailed instructions, supply lists, and notes from … [Read more...]

If Icebreaker: The Christmas Version

Tired of the same old Christmas carol games? Need a last minute Christmas Icebreaker? Then this Christmas version of the "If" game is for you! The Christmas version of the “If” game is a great icebreaker for your Women’s Ministry Christmas fellowship, small group Christmas party, Youth Christmas celebration, or Christmas office party. Questions range from funny to serious. If you could sing a Christmas duet with anyone, what … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Do White Elephant Exchanges

I don’t do White Elephant Exchanges. Or Dirty Santa Games. I don’t want to steal someone else’s gift. I’d rather not be the butt of someone’s joke. I’m not sure the when or how these games made the cross-over from Christmas office parties to Sunday school fellowships, Youth Group parties, and Women’s Ministry events, but I wish they never had. I readily admit I participated in my fair share when I belonged to a mommy group (not … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: Christmas Roll & Poll (Free Printable)

You may have had the chance to play one of my three versions of Roll & Poll. (If not - they are lots of fun! Be sure to check them out!) Today I've got a fourth version for you - Christmas Roll & Poll! This game is great for groups of any size and can be used over and over again. It's never the same game twice! Icebreaker: Christmas Roll & Poll Group size: Groups of 4-8 Time needed: 10 minutes Supplies: One die and one … [Read more...]

Christmas Icebreaker: Pick a Side

I’ve got a brand new Christmas Icebreaker for you today! It's perfect for your Women's Ministry Christmas fellowship, Youth Christmas gathering, or really any Christmas party! “Pick a Side” is a fun, quick game that involves the entire group. Participants must decide which of two Christmas traditions, items, or activities they prefer. Is your group more the “Elf” crowd or “It's a Wonderful Life”? Are they mostly hot chocolate … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: The Great Christmas Candy Pass

In need of a quick Christmas icebreaker? The Great Christmas Candy Pass is quick, easy, and inexpensive. The Great Christmas Candy Pass Supplies: 2-4 wrapped, hard candies (such as mints) per person; bag(s) or bowl(s) for each group to contain candies; printed list of questions Participants needed: Group of at least 6; multiple groups seated at separate tables or in a circle will also work well. Directions: Have group (or … [Read more...]

Icebreaker: Christmas Connection (Free Printable)

Christmas Connection is a great Christmas icebreaker to use for your Women's Ministry Christmas event. It's a game that is certain to get your group moving and connecting. Christmas Connection Group size: 8 or more Time needed: Approx. 15 minutes (larger groups will likely need more time) Supplies: One copy of Christmas Connection (click to download free PDF) per person; 1 pen/pencil per person; clock/timer. Instructions: … [Read more...]