War Room, Prayer, and the New Year

Bible Studies, Events, Prayer December 18, 2015

Prayer…it seems to be a place many of us are landing (or launching, depending on your perspective) in the New Year as churches and as ministries.

Our church will be hosting 24 hours of prayer beginning at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

My Favorite Christmas Icebreaker Games

Christmas, Christmas Events December 5, 2014

Hosting or attending a Christmas party or fellowship?

Want to guarantee the guests interact and have fun?

A great Christmas icebreaker is the perfect way to get your guests to mix and mingle!

10 Reasons to Host an Event in January

Fellowships, Planning December 20, 2013

Many Women’s Ministry Teams miss the opportunity to love on and encourage their women by opting out of January events.

I, however, believe that January is one of the very best months for hosting a Women’s Ministry event!

10 Ways to Bless Your Team This Christmas

Board/Team, Gifts & Favors December 3, 2013

Looking for some ways to bless your Women’s Ministry Team this Christmas?

One of the ideas below is sure to bless their socks off!

Gather and Glean October 31, 2017

Introducing Gather and Glean!

I am super-excited to share a brand-new resource with you all today!

I have been wanting to create some videos for you all for months! But it wasn’t until recently that I was able to see how God was using my battle with technical difficulties and life circumstances to get me to this very place.

Groups September 26, 2017

How to Divide Women into Groups

Ever wondered what the best way is to divide your women into groups for Bible study, small groups, and women's ministry events? Here's how we do ours!As a women’s ministry leader, you’ll have many opportunities to divide your women into groups.

Whether it’s for Bible study or a women’s ministry event, relationships blossom when women are seated in circles and not rows.