Day 1 of 31 Women's Ministry Tips - Hanging Publicity

Tip #1 provides a tip for hanging publicity and signs for your Women’s Ministry events.

It’s also a tip I picked up recently.

I was helping to take down the discussion group signs after our Summer Bible Study Class  and uncovered a nifty little trick!

I was surprised to find they had been hung up with painters tape!

Well, of course!

That remedies the problem of marks on the walls.

And removes the chance of leaving pieces of scotch tape behind.

Roll it up and place it behind the paper or poster and no one will be the wiser!

I will tell you we tried it at the Reveal Your Dignity event and found that large amounts of tape were necessary when we hung the poster board on the walls. So it’s best used on smaller items.

Hope this speeds the clean-up at your next event!

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