4 C's Icebreaker with Free Printable

Great icebreakers provide opportunities for participants to discover interesting information that links them to each other.

When you use the 4 C’s icebreaker you may discover that another person in your group longs to travel to the island of Grenada, shares a similar dream, or knows how to cook your favorite cuisine.

Take the time to help your women make those connections and build those relationships. Even those women that know each other well are bound to discover something new about one another.

I’ve used this icebreaker for years and it’s always a hit with every group!

4 C’s Icebreaker

Group size: 5-12; multiple groups can play at one time.

Time needed: 10-15 minutes

Supplies: 4Cs free printable (click to open); pens/pencils; game option 1 will require additional scraps of paper to write down guesses.

Instructions: Distribute 4 C’s cards to each person. Give them a few minutes to fill it out their 4 C’s (favorite color, favorite cuisine, country they want to visit, and closet dream).

Play one of three ways:

1. The cards are shuffled and redistributed. Each person then reads aloud the card they picked up to the group. Each person guesses in writing who wrote it.  The “winner” is the one who guesses the most correct responses.

2. Cards are placed in a bag and the group guesses the owner as each card is read aloud.

3. Have each person read their answers aloud to the group. More of a sharing time than a game.

Notes: Versions 1 and 2 work best when the group members are somewhat acquainted with each other. Version 3 is best for groups in which many have not met or have had very little interaction with one another. The word “cuisine” often throws a few people in the group. You’ll want to give them some examples – Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Thai, American food, etc.

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