There are lots of things you can bless your speaker with upon her arrival.

She may need a local map. She might appreciate a restaurant gift card or a local specialty (such as candied pecans). Chocolate is almost always appreciated.

Whether your speaker is a church member or has flown in from across the country, each one will appreciate these five things even if you give them nothing else.

(And honestly, your speakers don’t expect anything – but it is nice to bless and pamper them.)

5 Essential Items for Your Speaker’s Welcome Bag
  1. Trail Mix
  2. Breath mints
  3. Bottled water
  4. Hand Sanitizer
  5. Kleenex

Many speakers won’t eat before they speak. That bag of trail mix can provide nourishment during the day and before/after a long flight.

Breath mints. Enough said.

Bottled water for tired and parched throats. Make sure you have extras on the stage too.

Hand sanitizer will be welcome after shaking so many hands.

Kleenex for colds, tears, and blotting a little perspiration or lipstick.

Place everything in a small paper or fabric gift bag with handles so it can easily be stashed and stored.

Keep in mind that speakers that are flying won’t have room for a cute basket or many extra items in their luggage.

Consider asking one of your crafty team members to decorate a plain bag from the Dollar Tree with your theme on it.

Make sure you deliver your Welcome Bag to the speaker upon their arrival.

Chances are they will promptly pop a breath mint if they’ve been traveling for any length of time!

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