My Favorite Prayer Cards & 8 Ways to Use Them

These prayer bookmarks are one of my very favorite things.

I love these prayer cards because they are:

  • Sturdy (you will love the quality!)
  • Scriptural (verses are referenced)
  • Useful

But what I like most about them, is they are great tools for growing your prayer life.

You can pray the prayer right off the card. Often there is a blank for inserting a specific name.

The cards cover each topic in ways you’ve likely never thought to pray.

The cards will train you to pray God’s Word back to Him.

Here are 8 Ways you may want to use Prayer Cards:

1. Use them as a teaching and training tool. I’ve shared 31 Ways to Praise (see below) with our High School students, Women’s Ministry Team, and my Bible study small group. Many people struggle with praising God.

2. Pick a card to pray through during your private prayer time. Hang them on your fridge or mirror as a reminder.

3. Set them out on a table at your retreat or conference prayer room with a note encouraging folks to take what they’ll use.

4. Place the prayer cards in a  Pamphlet Display for the prayer room at your church.

5. Purchase appropriate cards for your National Day of Prayer event.

6. Enclose a prayer card inside a personal note.

7. Use the cards as a guide when praying corporately.

8. Place a prayer card in a Blessing Bag, Sonshine Box, or other care package.

I’ve added affiliate links (I may receive a small commission should you make a purchase) for every prayer card below. Your support is apprecitead!

May God bless your prayer time!

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