Prayer Tip: Partner Up

I’m excited to share a prayer tip I recently picked up with you all. 

I’ve been blessed to be part of a prayer group seeking God’s will for a new BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) location in the Charlotte area.

Our leader has found a great way to incorporate personal prayers without having them overtake our purpose or our time in corporate prayer.

We partner up and share our personal requests with one another.

  • We usually just pair up with one of the women sitting right next to us.
  • We write down the requests on a slip of paper or in a notebook.
  • In the time span of about 2-3 minutes we quickly share 2-3 requests.
  • We take those requests home with us and pray over them in between meeting times.

I love partering up with our personal prayer requests because:

1. It builds relationships within our group.

2. Another prayer warrior is lifting up our requests and concerns before the Lord.

3. We are all actively praying for one another as instructed in God’s Word. (James 5:16)

I encourage you to try this technique with your Women’s Ministry team or Bible study group and let us know how it goes!

Your turn to share: How do you keep personal prayer requests from dominating your group’s time together in prayer?

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