31 Days of Women's Ministry Tips - Tip 4 - Gathering Prayer Requests

Whether it’s for your Sunday school class, Bible study group, or Women’s Ministry Team collecting prayer requests can be a challenge.

Prayer requests can:

  • Take too much time
  • Leave out those who remain silent
  • Allow for over-sharing

Try one of these 6 ways to collect prayer requests to keep your group or your team on task:

1. Pass a notebook around the room. Enlist a helper (and a back-up) to type them up and distribute them via email after your meeting time.

2. Limit prayer requests to personal and immediate family. It is okay to ask for prayer for a neighbor, but train them to make it personal – “Pray our family will know how to ministry to Mr. Jones in his time of need.” Keep in mind this will likely be an on-going training.

3. Call, email, or text your group between meetings to collect the prayer requests and then distribute them at the end of your next meeting on paper, or immediately after via email.

4. Give each group member that opportunity to pray a one-sentence  prayer request out loud at the end of your prayer time. This works especially well if the group is seated in a circle. It will take some training and encouragement to get them to just choose one request and limit it to one sentence. Remind them that God knows our unspoken requests as well. Participation should be optional.

5. Have them partner up and share. See my Prayer Tip: Partner Up post for complete details.

6. Use notecards. Give each group member a notecard and ask them to record their name and 2-3 requests. Have them swap cards or place them in a basket and have them draw a notecard before leaving. Their task is to lift those requests up before meeting again.

Your turn to share: How do you handle prayer requests in a group situation?


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