Looking for some fresh inspiration for your fall women’s minsitry events?

I’ve gathered some great ideas from around the internet covering everything from food to service to discipleship to decor ideas.

May God put a check in your spirit as you come across the idea (or ideas) that He knows your ministry and women need.

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1. Soup Swap Party

Fill their bellies and then fill their souls with this idea for a Soup Swap Party. It even includes FREE printables.

If you’re worried women won’t attend if they HAVE to bring a soup, make it a Soup Sampling Party. Share the recipes and then pack up any leftover soup to deliever to a family in need, your Pastor, or your local fire department.

Or turn it into a service project and make large batches of soup and deliever them to homebound church members or widows.


2. Fall Kick-off

I love the idea of using your first fall event to launch a new focus or ministry intitative. This church used their fall kick-off event as an “entry event,” where they outlined the various discipleship opportunities available.


3. Pie Night

Here’s another food idea that’s great anyway you slice it!  You could even make this a sweet and savory pie night with chicken pot pie, spaghetti pie, etc. Then you’d have dinner and dessert take care of.

I’m all for recruiting women to bring food and not requiring it of every attendee. Some women won’t have the time to cook and some just don’t like to cook. Fellowship is really what we’re after – so remove any barriers that would keep women away.


4. Rustic Fall Decor Ideas

If fabulously simple and inexpensive fall decor ideas are what you’re looking for, check out these rustic dessert tables. It may be just the “icing on the fall cupcake” your event needs! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist! LOL)


5, 40 Fall Fellowship Ideas

And if you’re just on the lookout for some Fall-reltated fellowship ideas, I’ve gathered 40 Fall Fellowship Ideas for you here.


May God guide you and your team and you make preparations for the women in your church and community this fall!

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