13 Ideas for Sprinkling Your Event with Christmas Music

Like sprinkles on a Christmas cookie, Christmas music adds that something extra-special to every Christmas event.

I’ve got some out-of-the-box, beyond-background-music ideas to share with you today.

Let’s get busy and add some sprinkles!

13 Ideas for Sprinkling Your Next Event with Christmas Music

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1.Must start with the obvious – set the mood with Christmas music playing in the background. I tote along a Bluetooth speaker to play music for our women as they arrive at Bible study each week.

2. Add some zip to your Christmas icebreaker. Play Christmas music in the background while folks complete the task (Christmas Connection, Christmas Couples, and The Great Christmas Candy Pass are all great picks for this). Christmas music is a must for the Pass the Package game.

3. Give away Christmas CDs to the winners of your Christmas game.

4. Bless your Women’s Ministry Team members with the gift of Christmas music. I’ve got a great suggestion below!

5. Place Christmas CDs in your door prize basket.

6. Use music to mix up your $5 gift exchange or ornaments for your ornament exchange. Roll a dice to see how many times you’ll play the music and stop.

7. Invite one of your women to share their gift of music by singing a solo at your Women’s Ministry Christmas Table Event.

8. Add a time of Christmas carol singing to your Women’s Ministry or Sunday school Christmas party.

9. Make up your own Name that Tune game with Christmas music. Don’t forget to include a few random songs and artists – chipmunks anyone?

10. Include a time of prayer for hurting loved ones with carefully chose music playing in the background. Consider putting “Melancholy Christmas” from Amy Grant’s Tennessee Christmas album into that rotation.

11. Set up Christmas-themed Prayer Stations. You could reflect on each person in the Christmas story at each station. Or address prayer needs specific to the holiday – outreach events into the community, military serving overseas, homeless, widows, etc.

12. Surprise your attendees with a humorous lip sync by some (or all) of your women’s ministry team members.

13. Or just maybe you need to incorporate Christmas music into your quiet time with the Lord this month…

I love Christmas music and can’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving to flood our home and car with songs filled with the message of Christ’s birth.

Each and every year I look forward to purchasing at least one new Christmas album.

When I heard that Amy Grant was going to be releasing her first all-new Christmas album in nearly 20 years there was no question which album would be at the very top of my Christmas album wish list!

I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy Tennessee Christmas for just about a week now. It is filled with a mix of new recordings, original songs, and distinctly-Amy versions of classic Christmas songs. And if you’re a Vince Gill fan, you won’t want to miss their duet – “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

Take a few minutes to enjoy “To be Together” from the album below.

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