Need help with your women's ministry team meeting agenda? Check out these tips and ideas!

Women’s ministry team meeting agendas.

For some of us they are about as appealing as a root canal.

What should we include?

How long should we meet?

And how do I possibly keep my team on task?

Help is here!

In this episode of Gather and Glean:

1. I recommend an icebreaker perfect for a small or large group. Consider using it at your next team meeting!

2, I offer up my top 5 meeting agenda tips!

3. I tackle questions about agendas from women’s ministry leader in Texas. I give you an outline for my ideal agenda.

4, I share a prayer tool you can use to teach your team to pray out loud at every women’s ministry meeting.

5. You’ll get agenda tips from three other women’s ministry leaders.

Whether you’re leading a team of volunteers, Bible study leaders, or a women’s ministry leadership team, you’re certain to gather and glean some agenda tips that will make your next meeting more productive!

Feel free to add your women’s ministry team meeting agenda tips in the comments below the video or below this post!

Links featured in the video:

10 Agenda Tips
The Importance of an Agenda
How to Stay on Schedule
Prayer Warrior Boot Camp Online Course (for individuals)
Prayer Warrior Boot Camp Kit for Groups

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