Are you craving connection?

In all of our moves, I’ve never struggled like this.

People at our church are nice, but it doesn’t extend much past that. Most don’t seem to want to or aren’t able to connect outside of Sunday morning or Bible study.

In our neighborhood, folks usually wave and say “hi”, but not much more.

There are days I wonder, if they knew how lonely I am, surely they’d reach out? Wouldn’t they?

As of December, we’ve lived in our neighborhood and attended our church for two years. Twenty-four long months. 104 weeks. 712 days.

Our family has been intentional to get involved to try to connect. We rarely miss Sunday school or Worship. I serve on the Women’s Ministry Team and volunteer weekly with the Youth. We’ve lent a hand at some of the outreach events and served alongside the Missions Team. We’ve hosted events for our class, Youth, and men’s ministry in our home on multiple occasions.

I hosted a Christmas Coffee in 2015 for our neighbors and invited 40+ women to attend. Six showed up. Several remarked how wonderful it was and that we should have a monthly breakfast gathering but no one offered to host the next one.

Despite all of our efforts, we’re not feeling very connected.

Maybe you can relate.

If not you, there are women in your church, I promise, that feel disconnected.

When I heard DaySpring was launching a new line of products including a book titled Craving Connection I leapt at the chance to participate.

That’s me! I am desperately craving connection!

If you’re looking for ways to connect yourself or connect others I’ve got some ideas to share with you!

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DaySpring Craving Connection

The book, Craving Connection, is from the writers at (in)courage. These women share real-life stories, practical Scripture application, and connection challenges that will encourage you to prayerfully and intentionally connect with God, friends, and your community.

I wouldn’t crave connection if I never felt alone.

I wouldn’t know how to encourage if I never needed to be encouraged.

I wouldn’t understand how important the invitation to the table would be if I never felt excluded.

Craving Connection, page 12

The book is divided into three sections: Connecting with God More Deeply, Connecting with Friends More Purposefully, and Connecting with Community More Intentionally. There are 30 devotionals. Within each devotional, you’ll find connection questions, a connection challenge, a thought to consider, an idea to engage, and an applicable Bible verse.

What I’ve had the chance to read through so far has been encouraging and thought-provoking.

If you’re looking for a new devotional this may be just the one God is leading you to.

Perhaps you want to consider this book for your small group or book club.

It would also make a great door prize for your women’s ministry event.

DaySpring Mug

I know JUST the friend I’m going to give this mug to! We’ve been meaning to meet for weeks at a local coffee shop to talk about her blog.

In addition, DaySpring has created some beautiful new encouragement cards and gifts that can be used to express gratitude for your friends, providing them with small reminders of your bond, and showing each one just how much she means to you.

Let me show you just a few! You’re going to love them!

I have a friend, Carolyn, who is passionate about studying the Bible and teaching. If I have a Bible-related question, she’s the first person I turn to. And she’s one of the few ladies at our church that I’ve really made a connection with.

I can’t wait to surprise her with the Inspirational Whitewash Clip Frame & Art Print Set (pictured below). First of all, it’s gorgeous! The stand is sturdy and it has this unique wood pocket on the backside to hold all 25 prints that come with it. I especially love the verses that were included.

See that one in the photo – Romans 12:10? That is the verse God’s given me for this year. It all points back to connections and relationships! I was tickled to see it was one of the Bible verses included. And it may have tempted me to keep this beauty for myself! But I won’t.

DaySpring Frame

Moving 3 times in the last 6 years I’ve been blessed with an abundance of long-distance friends.

While we sometimes text or message each other on Facebook, real mail from a faraway friend is like gold!

I’m looking forward to connecting with a bunch of dear long-distance friends with these super cute postcards. These 20 Words of Encouragement postcards are beautiful!

They’d also be perfect in a frame as a gift!

I’m planning to send a few to encourage the ladies on our women’s ministry team too.

DaySpring Postcards

God’s direction to encourage one another is clear. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”

Sometimes we need a few tools and resources to help us encourage one another.

DaySpring has stepped up to the plate making it both easy and fun to encourage those God has placed in our path.

I’d love to know: Which of these products would you love to use to encourage a friend?

Disclosure: I am thankful for the opportunity to review the products mentioned for DaySpring. All opinions shared are 100% my own and no monetary compensation was received.

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