What I'd do differently as a women's ministry leader during the Christmas season.

I’m taking up the position of the Monday morning quarterback.

I’ve led and served on teams that have navigated the Christmas season well and some that have not.

We’ve held events in December and we have not.

I’ve been the team leader who has given the team the “month off”.

What follows is a compilation of successes, failures, and regrets.

This list is not meant to be a checklist or competition. Or a guilt trip.

Please prayerfully consider what God may be calling to you do this year and the next. (And I seriously doubt He’s calling you to tackle all 10 things.)

10 Things I’d do Differently as a Women’s Ministry Leader During the Christmas Season

1. I would be more diligent with my personal quiet time.

With so many extra things happening at church and so many extra things on my to-do list, it can be easy to let my personal quiet time take a back seat. Truth is, I need more time with God to be the best blessing and leader I can be as the holidays often highlight difficult personalities and can be a strain on relationships.

2. I would make certain any event we did offer included a clear call to accept Christ as Savior and Lord.

What better time to share the story of Christ and the reason for His birth than Christmas.

3. I would host a Christmas luncheon or dinner for the women’s ministry team.

Ideally I’d take them all to a restaurant if the budget and church policies allowed. If we had business to attend to, I’d keep it brief. We’d focus instead on fellowship and building relationships knowing it would pay off in dividends in the months to come. We’d pray together, thanking God for His goodness and provision. I know it can be tempting to give them the “month off” but every time I’ve done it it’s created more stress and work in the New Year.

4. I would strongly encourage the team to plan some type of church-wide women’s ministry event in December.

It doesn’t have to be a big table event or Christmas tea, but we miss the opportunity to love one another if we forgo any kind of Christmas celebration. It could be something as simple as a Get It off Your List Party the week after Thanksgiving.

5. I would prepare better for guests – both at women’s ministry events in December as well as at other church events and services.

Christmas is a time when lukewarm and seeking souls often go to or return to church for the first time in a year. A warm welcome with a specific invitation to something (Christmas event?) might just be the encouragement they need to come back.

6. I would bless the team and regular volunteers with a personal note and small token of appreciation.

I know I don’t say “thank you” often enough – Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to express my appreciation.

7. I would set aside time to send out Christmas cards to as many women as I could– starting with the team and volunteers.

I’ll never forget the year the women’s ministry leader of our team didn’t send cards to the team. It was a small thing, but I felt so slighted…

8. I would lead my team to adopt a group of women, not just for the month of December, but for the coming year.

No one and done. Regular outreach, building relationships. Giving our time and not just goods. Creating opportunities for our women to love on those in our community that may never walk through the doors of our church building.

9. I would reach out to those women facing a difficult Christmas.

Women widowed over the past year, those who’ve lost loved ones, women who have had a really hard year. I’d prayerfully ask God to show me how I can love on those who feel forgotten.

10. I would be more intentional about inviting women God puts in my path to come to church.

I’d invite them to special Christmas events and weekend worship services. God’s placed me in a neighborhood where many don’t attend church regularly. I’ve read repeatedly that people would come to church if they were just invited. I need to put myself and the invitation out there.

Where or how is He calling you to bless another, make a difference, and show His love?

Special thanks Chuck Lawless for his inspiration.

May God gives us the time, energy, and endurance to shower those in our path with love this Christmas.

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