tip 11 attention grabbing

Do you ever feel like the publicity for your Women’s Ministry events is falling on deaf ears?

You’ve submitted info for the church newsletter, the Sunday bulletin, and even hung flyers in the bathrooms but no one seems to hear you…

I’ve got a unique, fresh idea to share with you that I doubt you’ve tried. It will definitely grab their attention!

To set the stage for you, the registration for our annual fall retreat to the beach was just about to end and we were making a big last ditch effort to get our ladies signed up.

One of my beloved team members was willing to join me in wearing sandwich boards one Sunday morning at church.

end is near

Are you dying laughing?! It’s okay. I did too when I saw the pictures again. The sunglasses and hat were because it was a beach retreat, but they were also great to hide behind.

Needless to say we got a lot of attention with our “The End is Near” signs. Walking the halls and the sanctuary aisles before the start of the service we made a definite impact.

Please, please make sure you get permission from your pastor. Thankfully ours was willing to let us try something different and new.

Let us know if you give it a try and how it goes!

Your turn to share: What’s something out-of-the-ordinary your team has done to publicize an event?

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