3 Easy and Creative Ways to Serve Fruit at Your Next Event

I’m always on the look out for creative ideas for serving food at our women’s ministry events.

I personally like to balance the offerings with something sweet, something salty, and something healthy.

Often those sweet and salty treats are off limits for women with allergy issues and those who are on diet.

Fruit is a great healthy option for those women who might not be able to eat anything else on the snack table.

I’ve gathered and gleaned 3 easy and creative ways for you to serve fruit at your next event, Bible study, or Ladies Night Out.

Be sure to let me know if you use one of these ideas!

Mini-Fruit Pizzas

mini fruit pizzas


I love, love, love this idea!

I can think of so many fun fruit possibilities – strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, peaches, pineapple, raspberries, clementines, … Use what’s in season – not only will it be more affordable, but it will taste better! Oh, and don’t skimp on the homemade cream cheese icing. Mmmmm….

Feature this on a round table as a serve-yourself dessert.

Perfect year-round!

Mini-Fruit Cups

Fresh fruit in mini treat cups


First of all these little cups are way too cute!

Again, go with what is seasonal. Avoid things like bananas or apples that will brown. If needed, enlist some help in cutting up the fruit.

Perfectly portioned, these cups will also keep your food line moving quickly.

Totally love these for a breakfast, brunch, tea, lunch, or summer dinner and for events of almost any size.

Fruit Kabobs



I would recommend making these fruit kabobs about 1/3 of the size pictured above.

They are super portable. No silverware necessary!

If you’re going to use bananas make sure you serve them immediately so they don’t brown.

Wouldn’t your team love if you brought these to your next meeting?!

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