Women's Ministry Tip 12 - Leaving the Door Open

Event registration is tricky.

You want to give women enough time to gather funds and make plans.

But need to reserve space and/or hotel rooms by a particular date.

You know someone may cancel at the last minute due to sickness, job, finances, etc.

You pray someone will be willing to take her place.

Then there are the women who overlook the registration deadline…groan…

I want to encourage you to leave the door open.

If at all possible, allow registration up to a couple of days before you must submit your final numbers.

Hard hearts take time to soften and God may be working in the heart of a woman that is supposed to be in attendance.

I’ve seen event registrations close 3-4 months prior to an event. That’s 120-160 days of closed doors.

  • Where does that leave the new girl?
  • What about the woman still praying for God’s provision of finances or childcare?
  • Someone may want to invite a friend, but can’t because registration is closed.

I’m as type-A as they come. I love my lists and celebrate finish lines.

But in my eagerness to check something off the list, I may be am rushing God’s timing.

If your event typically sells out year after year then perhaps it’s time to look for a bigger venue.

This year’s IF:Gathering 2015 sold out in 15 minutes. Crazy. I know. But they are making room for women to attend through satellite locations around the world. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

leave door open

Leave the door open and, if necessary, make room for the women God is sending.

Your turn to share: What can your team do differently to leave the door open for the women God is sending?

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