How healthy is your women's ministry? Use this free printable form to rate the health of your ministry.

How do you know if your women’s ministry is effective?

If you needed to prove the women’s ministry in your church makes a difference, could you easily do so?

Is your women’s ministry in good health?

How do we go about making an assessment that honors the Lord and isn’t a mathematical equation?

Proverbs 14:8a gives us a Biblical basis for assessment. “The wisdom of the prudent is to discern his way.”

I think most of us would agree that in God’s economy, numbers are not the ultimate decision makers.

The first shall be last.

Narrow is the path.

Rather than pulling out our calculators and creating a spreadsheet, let’s dig deeper.

We need to assess the growth and development of our team and our women.

Tips for administering the women’s ministry health assessment:
  • Set aside time at your next women’s ministry team meeting to complete this assessment.
  • Consider breaking the team into pairs to answer the questions together and then sharing your answers with the whole group.
  • You may want to email the questions in advance, suggesting your team member’s jot down a few ideas before the meeting.
  • If you’re feeling brave, ask your staff leadership to complete the assessment too and compare your answers.
  • Take great care to accept any and all answers you receive ESPECIALLY if you don’t agree. Our perspective is often biased and we don’t always see things as others do.
  • Rather than yes or no answers, encourage the team to answer the questions with specific examples highlighting how and why.

For a free printable (and prettier) version of the Women’s Ministry Health Assessment, please click the link below to open a free PDF file.

Womens Ministry Health Assessment

Below you’ll find a list of areas to assess and probing questions to help you make a fair assessment.

7 Areas to Assess the Health of Your Women’s Ministry

Answer the questions and then rate each area on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 = None/Lacking Greatly; 5 = Fair/Some; 10 = Off-the-charts/No need for improvement. Add up your health scores and see where you fall in the chart below.

1. Spiritual Growth

Are your women making progress in their spiritual growth? Are unbelievers coming into relationship with Christ? Are your women engaging in discipleship and growing spiritually? Are your women increasingly spending time in prayer, God’s Word, and service?

2. Reputation

How would you describe the overall sentiment toward the women’s ministry in your church? What’s your ministry’s reputation? Ask some women outside of your leadership team. Ask the Pastor staff. Are you viewed as a clique? Exclusive? Welcoming? Warm?

3. Leadership

Are you developing new leaders? Do you have a plan to seek out and develop leaders amongst the women in your church? Are you stuck with the same core group leading everything? Are you open to new faces in your leadership circle?

4. Volunteers

How would you describe the strength of your volunteer teams? Do you have to beg women to help? Are your volunteers compassionate and committed or weary and stale?

5. Turnout

What are your numbers telling you? What events have a strong, solid turnout and which events and activities are struggling? What do those numbers reflect? Keep in mind a strong turnout is not an equivalent to a gold star from God. Some of our best-attended events can be lacking in direction or mission.

6. Mission

Are you on mission? What is the focus of your women’s ministry and are you making strides in accomplishing that mission? Would you church be at a loss if your women’s ministry ceased to exist?

7. Outreach

Do your women enthusiastically invite other women to attend your women’s ministry events? How do your events and activities include women outside of the church? Are you utilizing your ministry as a bridge – encouraging women to attend worship and serve as part of the church body?

Add up your ratings and let’s see how you rank.

55-70     Congratulations, your ministry is healthy! If you haven’t asked your Pastoral staff to complete the assessment, please consider doing so to make certain you haven’t missed any signs or symptoms that need attention.

30-54     Looks like your ministry is in poor to fair health. Where can you make some changes to push your ministry into the healthy zone? Be quick to address areas that rated a 4 or lower.

15-29     We need to make a consult with the Great Physician. It appears you may be struggling with some chronic issues. Let’s nip things in the bud and create a plan to address areas that scored below a 4. You may want to tackle a different area each month at your team meeting.

0-14       Your ministry is showing signs and symptoms that need to be addressed immediately. Work together to come up with a plan to address the most chronic needs first. God’s in the restoration business – let’s pray and seek wise counsel to restore your ministry’s health.

This exercise is designed not to make your or your team feel bad, but to shine a light on areas of your ministry that need some extra attention and to celebrate those areas in which your team excels.

Let’s celebrate what we do well and embrace the growth opportunities God has revealed.

None of us is perfect and I don’t expect any ministry to score a 70.

It’s easy for us to lose sight in the midst of planning events and activities of the greater picture. We can become so focused on our women having fun that we miss opportunities to encourage spiritual growth, discipleship, and service.

Take this opportunity to see the bigger picture and fuel change where it is needed.

I encourage you to consider making this assessment an annual process, always working toward creating a healthier ministry.

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