4 Ideas for Your Ornament Exchange

Considering an ornament exchange this year at your Women’s Ministry or Bible study Christmas party?

Ornament Exchanges are:

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Fun

To pull off a fun, successful ornament exchange there are a few things you’ll need to do.

Request in advance that guests bring a wrapped ornament to your Women’s Ministry Christmas fellowship, Sunday School party, or Bible study Christmas celebration.

  • Suggest that they spend no more than $5.
  • Let them know that homemade ornaments are wonderful and welcome!

You want this to be affordable and manageable for all of your women.

At the event place a table near the entry door for attendees to leave their gift.

Have some fun distributing the ornaments!

4 Distribution Ideas for Your Ornament Exchange:

1. Have tables/groups come forward to select a package that they didn’t bring.

2. Number each package and have each guest pull a number and pick up the corresponding package.

3. Make a large circle (or several smaller circles) and have women pass the packages to the right until the Christmas music stops.

4. Use the Left Right Nativity Game – instructions can be found here. That would be my personal pick!

Consider having a couple extra wrapped ornaments on hand in case one of your guests forgets to bring one – that way they can still participate.

Make sure you provide an opportunity for the big reveal – it gives everyone the opportunity to ooh and aah!

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