Another great women's ministry resource book you'll want to add to your library! Check out my review of Word-Filled Women's Ministry

I love discovering new women’s ministry resources!

Especially those that challenge me to think differently and cause me to question some of the choices our women’s ministry team has made.

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Word-Filled Women’s Ministry is a reference book.

While you’ll want to read the book in its entirety to fully understand the vision of a Word-Filled ministry, you may find it helpful to read through chapters that correspond to your current women’s ministry struggles first.

I found it was best to read in chunks so I could digest it and think about how/if there was an application for our team. Don’t sit down expecting to read this book all the way thru!

As explained in the introduction, “Profitable ministry among women is grounded in God’s Word, grows in the context of God’s people, and aims for the glory of Christ. That’s the promise of this book in a nutshell…Women’s ministry, in particular, can so easily be all about women rather than being all about women together hearing and following God’s voice, revealed in his Word.”

Can I get an “amen”?

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt to prove it.

Several years back we had a few women “complain” that our (paid) speaker had gone on too long at our Table Event. I personally didn’t see any problem with the length of her talk. She spoke for 45 minutes. She was engaging and what she shared was steeped in the Word. Our team felt their real complaint was that they didn’t have enough time to look at everyone’s table decorations… I also wonder if they found what she shared “too convicting”… Clearly, we had some work to do!

Women desperately need to hear how a biblical worldview informs the way they look at themselves

I suspect few of us can honestly say that our women’s ministry is Word-Filled.

I’m sure there are some events and activities on your calendar, just like there is on ours, which could use the infusion of God’s Word.

Word-Filled Women’s Ministry is not about scrapping what you’ve got on your calendar (though God may prompt you to do some editing), but about checking the focus and the purpose.

If you’re a leader who feels your Pastoral staff doesn’t seem the scriptural importance of a women’s ministry in your church, you’ll find help in this book.

The cost of neglecting the giftedness of women in the local church is far-reaching. Not only will we miss the beauty and joy of a healthy, well-functioning body, but the church will also slowly weaken. The body of Christ is filled with capable women who are eager to serve Christ in the context of the local church, serving under the authority of church leadership. When these women bring their voices and unique gifts to their communities of believers, the church becomes more and more effective.

Chapter 4, Word-Filled Women’s Ministry

It’s impossible for me to share everything that it’s in Word-Filled Women’s Ministry, so let me give you an overview.

The chapters are written by a group of women who have served or are currently serving in women’s ministry around the world.

Word-Filled Women’s Ministry is broken into 4 parts and 10 chapters:

Part 1 – The Heart of Women’s Ministry

  1. The Word at the Center: Hearing God Speak
  2. The Word on Women: Enjoying Distinction
  3. The Word Passing On: Training New Leaders

Part 2 – Contexts for Women’s Ministry

  1. The Local Church: Finding Where We Fit
  2. The World Around Us: Practicing Evangelism
  3. The Ends of the Earth: Thinking Global

Part 3 – Issues in Women’s Ministry

  1. Older and Younger: Taking Titus Seriously
  2. Sexual Wholeness: Affirming Truth with Compassion
  3. Gifts and Giftedness: Find the Place to Serve

Part 4 – The End of Women’s Ministry

  1. Ultimate Goals: Heading for that Day

Word-Filled Women's Ministry

Word-Filled Women’s Ministry is a book every women’s ministry needs to have on her resource bookshelf.

Just a word of warning, Chapter 2, The Word on Women, offers a thorough, scriptural analysis of women’s roles in the church.  It may just step on your toes a bit!

This book was one of many that God used to reshape my thinking about our church’s Bible study offerings. You can read “Why I’m Tired of Bible Study Books” to find out more.

If your ministry is not Word-focused, I challenge you to read this book and prayerfully seek the Lord’s direction.

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