What Your Pastor's Wife Wants You to Know

We’ve already gotten a glimpse inside the thoughts of your church secretary. (If you missed it, click here.)

Today we’re getting to listen in on what your pastor’s wife wants you to know.

These are real thoughts from a real pastor’s wife.

May they encourage us to pray regularly for them, extend extra grace, and step it up!

7 Things Your Pastor’s Wife Wants You to Know:
(Please note: I have added bold lettering for emphasis.)

1. Please pray for us as we cross your mind – especially for wisdom, our marriage, compassion for others, and boldness in our witness.

Please pray for us as we cross your mind

2. Please keep any prayer request I share confidential; as I would plan to do for you also.

3. If you share a request with me, I will often pray as soon as we part (maybe going down the preschool hallway) so that I will be faithful to keep my word to pray for you. However I may not remember the details of your request when I see you and would appreciate a reminder. Please know that does not mean that I don’t care or that I didn’t pray for you. Many people ask for prayer and the details can become overwhelming at times.

4. I may not come to every women’s event, but it is not because I don’t care – our lives are busy just like yours. And for me personally, I have 90% hearing loss in one ear which makes hearing extremely difficult at many ladies’ luncheons or dinners. Instead of hearing you appropriately, I might come across as uncaring simply because I could not hear the conversation. Therefore, I limit the number of large events I attend where conversation is required.

5. Keep in mind that we have the same parenting struggles that you do; our children are not perfect either 🙂

6. If you teach in the youth or children’s ministry, please don’t always expect our children to have all the right answers just because no one else will answer. Please don’t assume they are comfortable praying or reading out loud even though their father is used to being in front of others and doing this. Some children have learning disabilities that you might not be aware of that can cause embarrassment.

7. Snail mail or emails with words of encouragement or a scripture are always welcomed! Not sure what to write? Check out this post!

Words of encouragement or a scripture are always welcomed.

Wow! What great reminders!

Can you imagine the impact we’d have if we all took a moment to drop a note of encouragement in the mail to our pastor’s wife today?

I’m curious, were you surprised by anything that was shared?

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