How well do your women share the gospel?

Do they feel confident doing so?

Or are they unsure of what to say?

Earlier this year I attended a Disciple-Making Conference where we were challenged to turn to the person next to us and share the Gospel. Right then. Right there. I stuttered and stumbled and started to freak out! Ummm…Could we get some background info? Do I know this person? Was this some random person in the grocery store?

I know Jesus lived a sinless life and was crucified on the cross for my sins. That after three days He arose from the dead and that only through His death, the confession of my sins, and my belief in Him is my future secure in Heaven. But for the life of me I couldn’t spit this out to the stranger seated next to me.

It was horribly awkward.

I felt like a complete and utter failure.

A failure God knew I needed to experience.

If I, as a women’s ministry leader, struggle to share the Gospel, how much more so do the women in my church struggle?

In the time since I’ve been looking for resources, I can both use for myself and share with others to help them successfully share the Gospel.


I’ve found a lot of women can easily share THEIR story, but easing into the Gospel story, well, not so much…

Stop and think for a moment. Do most of your women regularly speak about Jesus in their everyday conversations? Or is this something just the “more spiritual” women in your church do?

Because many of those we are trying to reach don’t have basic knowledge about God and Jesus, gospel conversations are more likely to be effective than gospel presentations.

As women’s ministry leaders we can be the catalyst – we can provide training, offer a small group study using this book, and just flat-out encourage our women to share about Jesus every chance they get!

If we want our women to live as Great Commission Women we must equip them to share the Gospel.

Please note: The book originally referenced in this article is no longer being published and leaders have found it is difficult to find copies to purchase so I have removed all related information.

Instead, I recommend Tell Someone: You Can Share the Good News by Greg Laurie (affiliate link)

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