What Your Church Secretary Wants You to Know

Ever wonder what advice your church secretary would give you if she could be frank and honest without fear of hurting your feelings?

Are there things you do that unknowingly hamper her ability to do her job?

Maybe there’s something you should/could do that would be a great help to her.

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain “Oz-style” and sharing real feedback from a real church secretary with you. My prayer is that you’ll glean a tip or two that will better equip you in your ministry endeavors.

Here are 9 things your church secretary wants you to know:
(Please note: I’ve added bold lettering throughout.)

1. While I love to hear from you, please know if I seem short or hurried, it’s not personal—I just have a lot to accomplish today or may be in the middle of something for someone else.

2. I am glad to notarize your personal documents, or help you with typing resumes or personal letters if I can, but please remember if you bring them to the office, that this is my work time. It may be best for us to set a time later to take care of personal business.

3. All of the sweet notes and words of encouragement you send are greatly appreciated. If I don’t reply, or if I just say a quick “Thank You”, it’s because I am humbled by your sentiments and the most gracious response seems to be just to accept the words and thank God for your kindness.

4. At office closing time I am usually ready to go home and may have outside things to do right after work. Please don’t arrive five minutes before the office closes with something you need right away (particularly on Friday), as that usually means I will now have to stay late to complete it for you.

5. If you have an issue with a staff or church member, it would be better to speak with the person or a pastor. It can be awkward for me to be in the position of hearing things about others I know or work with, that are outside of my control.

6. The church office is a busy place. I am glad to spend time as much time as needed helping you with ministry needs. If you stop by to visit, though, please remember that I probably have a full slate of work to complete and I don’t really have time to visit during the day. I will probably have to stay after hours to complete my work if we’ve visited for a more than a few minutes.

7. Sometimes moms who are ministry leaders need to meet at the office, in the conference room, etc., and we’re glad to have you here. If you bring your children with you, please be sure that they stay with you and you are attentive to what they are doing while at the office.

If you bring your children with you

8. It’s my job to be sure that paperwork and guidelines are followed as they should be. Please be gracious if you disagree with a policy—I’m just following the procedures that the church body or staff has put in place.

9. If you sign out a key or other item for your event, please return it promptly. It can be awkward and time consuming for me to have to keep asking you to return the item, and someone else may be waiting for a key or whatever it is that you have signed out.

Did God point out something you could do? I know He did to me!

We’ll be getting more honest feedback this month from other people you’ll encounter as you do ministry. Some of their insights are certain to surprise you!

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