Mission Project: Pillowcase Dresses

So let me just start by telling you that I don’t sew. I know how, sort of. It frustrates me terribly.

I am very thankful that God gives others the gift of sewing!

Despite my short-comings, I attended a recent Women’s Ministry event at my church to make pillowcase dresses.

If you don’t sew, have no fear, those who can will, and those who can’t can iron, cut fabric, coordinate ribbon, and fellowship.

Before I get into the details of the event, I want to share something startling I learned.

These pillowcases provide protection for the girls that receive them.

“Over one million children in Malawi alone have been orphaned to HIV/AIDS. Because girl orphans are among the most devalued and abused in their culture, and face such oppression, it is the mission of Little Dresses for Africa to plant in the hearts of these little girls that they are worthy.  It is reported that girls wearing a new little dress are much less likely to be abducted, abused or molested because the new little dress shows that someone cares about them, ” shares the team for Little Dresses for Africa on their website.

Oh. my. goodness.

Are you ready to protect a young girl? I am.

Pillowcase dresses protect girls from predators.

So here’s the basics:

You will need women to:
  1. Iron pillow cases
  2. Cut ribbon ( 2 – 1 yd. pieces per dress)
  3. Cut arm holes
  4. Sew dresses
  5. Match ribbon with fabrics
You will need theses supplies:
  1. Pillow cases (thin fabrics not recommended)
  2. 5/8 or 7/8 spools of patterned, textured ribbon (smooth ribbon will not stay tied)
  3. Sewing machines and thread
  4. Cutting board – a rotary cutter makes for easy work
  5. Scissors
  6. Irons and ironing boards (multiples)
  7. Patterns for the arm holes (you can find some here)

These three sites have great detailed directions for how to cut the pillowcases and how to transform them into a dress.

Bumblebee Linens Pillowcase Directions (simple and straight forward)

Little Dresses for Africa Pillowcase Pattern

You will want to collect pillowcases prior to your event and may want to have multiple sewing opportunities.

Once finished, you can connect with someone who is planning a trip to Africa (or some other location where dresses are needed) or you can send your dresses to Little Dresses for Africa or Dress A Girl Around the World. Both are Christian organizations that will make certain your dresses are put to use.

I’d love to hear from you if your church takes this project on! Let us know how it goes!

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