How Your Women's Ministry Can Get Involved With Operation Christmas Child

I’ve recently shared “What It’s Like to Give a Child a Shoebox” and “How to Pack a Better Shoebox”.

Today I want to share some ways your women’s ministry can get involved with Operation Christmas Child.

I think some people assume Operation Christmas Child is a Children’s Ministry project. Or maybe it’s just a ministry your church participates in once a year.

While Operation Christmas Child certainly can be those things, it can also be so much more!

Here are 10 ways your women’s ministry can get involved with Operation Christmas Child (OCC):

1. Participate in the collection of shoebox items at your church.

Actively encourage your women to donate items. Remind them at your women’s ministry events.

2. Host a packing party – for your women!

A women’s only Sunday school class at one of our former churches held a packing party every year. They had a great time of fellowship while packing up loads of boxes.

3. Host a shopping party for OCC boxes.

My favorite places to purchase shoebox items include: Dollar Tree, Five Below, Target, and Ikea. Give folks the opportunity to donate money towards your shoeboxes item purchases. Not everyone likes to shop, but they may be willing to purchase a Target gift card for your shoppers to use.

4. Select Operation Christmas Child as your Trunk or Treat theme.

It’s an easy and fun way to spread the word about OCC. You can even order flyers, prayer bookmarks, and stickers pass out along with your candy. Here’s the link for ordering free materials.

OCC Trunk or Treat

5. Volunteer at a local collection point.

There are literally thousands of local collection points across the United States. Find out more here.

6. Sign up to work as a group at an OCC processing center.

There are 8 processing center in the United States. Consider a “road trip” if there’s one within driving distance. You’ll usually need to sign up in advance to secure your spots. For more information click here.

7. Pray for OCC.

Pray for the children that will receive boxes, the OCC volunteers, the transportation of the boxes.

8. Organize a year-long collection of OCC items at your church.

Pick one item or category to focus on each month. Check out this year-long collection list from OCC.

9. Decorate an OCC Christmas tree at your church.

When decorating your church for Christmas, include an OCC tree (decorated with items one might pack in a shoebox).

10. Make crafts for OCC shoeboxes.

Dedicate a fellowship time to making crafts (bags, pillowcase dresses, Popsicle stick puzzles) for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. This could be done any time of year.

Pick one or two (or more) ideas that your women’s ministry could undertake to support and encourage your women and your church as they participate in Operation Christmas Child.

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