Looking for a fresh way to connect your women and grow deep friendships?

Sister Six group are designed to do just that!

What do you get when you prayerfully put 6 women together for 6 months?

  • New friendships
  • Support
  • Laughter
  • Fun

Our Women’s Ministry Team  in North Carolina spent months praying for a new way to connect the women from different groups within the church.

That prayer was answered when Sister Six was created.
How it works:

1. Women register to be placed in a Sister Six Group. They can select the type of group (single women, women of all ages, mothers with young children, and mothers with one or more Youth-aged children) and the time it will meet (daytime, evening, or anytime). Women are also given the option to volunteer to be a group leader (responsible for planning the first activity and making initial contact with all group members).

I’ve included a slightly updated version of our original Sister Six Registration form here – Sister Six Registration. Feel free to copy, edit, and re-create in whole or in part for your ministry.

2. A coordinator gathers all of the registrations and prayerfully places the women into Sister Six Groups.

3. Group leaders then contact their group members and plan their first activity.

4. The goal is for all groups to meet 4-6 times within 6 months. Group members are to help plan the remaining activities. We gave the women a list of ideas to get them started: movie night, potluck meal, bowling, Paint Your Pot, etc. and reminded them that activities could take place in homes, local restaurants, a bowling alley, park, etc.

You may wish to send out letters to all group members before they first meet, laying out the expectations for the group and thanking them for their participation.

Expectations you may wish to include:

  • Members should take turns planning activities.
  • Care should be taken to plan activities that are affordable for everyone (free is great!).
  • Your Sister Six Coordinator’s information should be shared.
  • List activity ideas.

We ran two sets of groups each year.

  1. May – October
  2. November – April

Registration was completed the month before groups were to start meeting.

Our response was slow at first, but very favorable. Most that chose to participate continued when the next groups began. One group chose to continue meeting on their own (so they could stay together). Our Single Women Group turned out to be an amazing support group for Single Moms. We were thrilled and amazed to see that group grow and continue.

Whether your group of women is large or small, Sister Six groups can forge new relationships and connections among your women.

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