Today I’m bringing in an expert, Christian Comedian and Speaker Peppi Garrett, to share Five Great Reasons to Host a Christian Comedy Event.

I’m confident this is something you’ll want to add to your women’s ministry calendar! Take it away, Peppi!

Why did the chick cross the road? To get to her women’s ministry event on the other side, of course!

Though it was almost unheard of twenty years ago; bringing a Christian comedian in for a ministry event is much more common today. So how can your group and your ministry benefit from bringing in a Christian comedian? More importantly, could it have any eternal benefit? I mean, that is our main objective, right?

Following are five great reasons to host a Christian comedy event for your women’s ministry:

1. Laughter is good for the body and soul.

It’s true! When you begin your women’s conference, retreat or banquet with comedy, your group is able to relax, and put aside their cares and concerns for a little while and just enjoy themselves. The Bible even tells us a joyful heart is good medicine. (Proverbs 17:22)

2. Laughter lowers inhibitions to build relationships.

Think of laughter like a “happy hour” prior to an awkward, stuffy business dinner (I’m not condoning drinking here). In that setting, alcohol is served to enable guests to “loosen up” and engage in conversation. Laughter does the same but without any negative side effects and regrets the next morning. So, when your ladies are laughing together, they become more comfortable and relaxed with one another, making it easier to form new friendships and build lasting relationships.

3. Laughter softens walls around hearts to receive a message.

Comedy captures an audience’s attention, so the message can capture their hearts. When your group hears the hilarious stories told by a comedian, and laughs at her, they begin to feel like they know her personally and can trust her. The walls around their hearts begin to soften to be more receptive to the message that follows the comedy.

4. A comedy show is a non-threatening event for ministering to the community and those who don’t usually attend church.

Everybody loves to laugh. A comedy show is the perfect event for inviting lost friends, neighbors and co-workers. Then the gospel can be shared before they leave. Many Christian comedians make sharing the gospel part of their routine. If the one you hire does not, then you could easily have another speaker on the program to follow the comedian. Or, just hire a comedian who does.

5. It’s just so easy.

There is no need for stage decorations. No props or stagehands needed. Just provide good stage lighting, an adequate sound system, and a microphone. Sometimes the comedian may request a bar stool. (You know it’s just not a real comedy show without the bar stool and bottle of water, right?) That’s it! That’s all there is to it.

Do Your Due Diligence.

While searching for the perfect comedian for your event, let me encourage you to visit comedians’ websites, watch YouTube videos and look for endorsements from past customers with ministries similar to yours. Just because someone has “Christian” in front of their name, does not mean they have the same values and convictions as you. So I suggest you check them out thoroughly.

Laughter is a Beautiful Gift to Give your Group.

Ministry leaders confirm that Christian comedy events are some of the most memorable and enjoyable events their groups have ever had. And when that FUNny meets up with FAITH to point people to their Savior, well, it’s just nothing short of an incredible, joyful, life-giving gift!

Meet the Author – Christian Comedian & Speaker Peppi Garrett – Where Faith and FUNny Meet: Peppi Garrett is a stand-up comedian, keynote speaker, weekly comedy segment radio host, writer, storyteller, wife to her high school sweetheart, mom of two adult sons, and to her only grandchild, she is “LOLly” (You see what she did there?) Peppi loves people and gets her thrills when something she says brings joy to others or encourages someone in their walk with Christ. For more information about Peppi and her ministry, you may visit her website at

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